Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Law Firms

How does your law firm approach LinkedIn?

You probably already have a presence on there.

According to the American Bar Association annual Tech Report, 87% of respondents are on LinkedIn.

Social media is more popular than blogging; 86% of respondents indicate that their firms have a presence on social media, including:

87% LinkedIn

61% Facebook

37% Twitter

13% Instagram


What about the members of your team?

In the same report, 81% of respondents said they personally use social media for professional purposes, with the vast majority–90%–on LinkedIn. So let’s look at why, how, and what law firms can use LinkedIn for.

What is LinkedIn?

Let’s start with the basics.

LinkedIn is a professional social media networking site. There are over 850 million personal accounts, and over 60 million Company Pages. Owned by Microsoft, there are continual changes and improvements to the platform.

LinkedIn Marketing

Why use LinkedIn?

Professionals use LinkedIn to connect, network and build relationships.

During the pandemic, LinkedIn saw huge growth, as in-person networking and events were cancelled. People still wanted to connect with their business network and LinkedIn was already set up to facilitate those connections.

LinkedIn maintains, in as much as is possible, a professional community. Which is what makes it attractive to lawyers, accountants, corporate and business leaders.

How to begin using LinkedIn for your law firm

1. Optimise LinkedIn profiles

First impressions matter. Take a moment and have a look at your team profiles on LinkedIn. Are they representative of your firm?

Your team LinkedIn personal profiles should reflect how you show up at work. Here are the key updates to make:

Visual Impact

  • Have a professional profile photo. This should be a photograph of your head and shoulders, looking directly at the camera.
  • Add a cover image for your background. This can be an image of your firm, or your company logo.
  • Add highlights using the Featured Section – articles, events or posts that showcase your profile


Write a headline that reflects your role, your industry and any specialisms.

For example:

  • Personal Injury Lawyer at Smyth Law Group, LLC
  • Divorce Lawyer at Blank Slate LLP

Try adding in some extra information to stand out:

  • Associate Counsel | Health Care Attorney | Lawyer Well-Being

The About Summary

Writing your About summary on your profile can be a challenge. Here are the key points to remember:

  • write in the first person
  • describe what you do and how you help your clients
  • add in a call to action e.g. connect with me or visit our website

Make it interesting, write in short paragraphs and keep it simple.

Complete the rest of your profile

Key areas to focus on – your Experience Section, your key Skills and start building up recommendations from people you have worked with or for.

2. Create a Company Page for the Business

Does your firm have its’ own Company Page?

Creating a page allows your brand to be showcased on LinkedIn. Your team will be able to add the Company Logo to their personal profiles, and you can create regular content on the company page for your team to share with their network.

Having a company page on LinkedIn allows you to highlight your team members, and attract new employees.

You can create events, post videos, host audio events and even collect interested parties contact details on your Company Page.

3. Creating Content

Once you have your profiles and Company Page set up, you should start sharing content on LinkedIn.

This leads to a host of questions:

  • what do we share
  • how often do we post on LinkedIn
  • why does it matter?

Let’s start with why.

Why should our law firm post on LinkedIn?

Sharing content on LinkedIn helps your company to raise its profile. Creating a page and profiles does give you a presence on LinkedIn, and can help both your attorneys and the company to be found online. Adding in regular posts or content, amplifies this.

To really leverage LinkedIn, creating content to share grows your audience. When you write a post on LinkedIn which gets engagement, in the form of comments or ‘likes’, more people see your post and are more likely to view your profile.

What do you post?

There are various types of content to share including video, written posts, images, long form articles and even audio.

What matters more, is what you post about. We work with our clients to create content that starts conversations.

What do your audience want to talk about?

LinkedIn literally invite you by their prompt – ‘what do you want to talk about‘. Not, ‘what do you want to tell people‘.

Your post should be a conversation starter.

Then your audience will start to respond.

The key here is – ask a question – if you don’t ask then your audience have no incentive to post a reply.

How often should you post on LinkedIn?

With our clients, we post on their behalf twice a week. Considering that almost 99% of LinkedIn account holders do not post at all, this is a great goal to aim for.

Many people ask – what is the best day or time to post on LinkedIn and the answer very much depends on your company, your audience and even your timezone.

For our company, as we manage client accounts across Europe and North America, we tend to post content that will land with our US clients mornings – usually mid-afternoon here in the UK

If your audience are C-suite level, then consider when those people are checking their LinkedIn – it is unlikely to be during their working day.

4. How to engage your team with the Company Page

Did you know – when you post something on your Company Page, LinkedIn say that 30% of engagement comes from your own employees.


Therefore, by providing good quality content on your Company Page (interesting, engaging and informative), you can help your team to raise both their own profiles and the firm on LinkedIn.

Key actions to take:

  • provide training for your team – how to update their profiles and how to use LinkedIn
  • invite all employees to attach the Company Page to their personal profies on LinkedIn
  • use the Employee Advocacy tools available from LinkedIn including ‘notify employees’ of posts

5. How to connect with other people on LinkedIn

Once your personal profile and Company Page are set up on LinkedIn, it is time to start building up your network.

LinkedIn is a networking site for professionals. We recommend you build a valuable and interesting network – after all, when you go to LinkedIn, you want to find content worth reading and people worth having conversations with.

When you find someone you want to connect with, please take time to find out a little about them. Then send a connection request with a note to say why you would like to connect.

This one step will improve your overall experience of using LinkedIn.

For step by step video on how to do this:

6. How to get referrals from other attorneys on LinkedIn

One of the key reasons our clients work with us, is to raise their profile on LinkedIn, to attract referrals for business (other reasons – to become known as an expert, to promote podcasts, speaking careers etc) from other attorneys.

How can you use LinkedIn as a way to attract referrals from other attorneys?

  • connect with attorneys who can be a source of referral
  • create content that starts conversations relevant to those attorneys
  • engage with the potential referrers
  • focus on creating relevant, interesting and thought-provoking content that attracts your potential referrers

* for help creating and managing your content, read more here


Business is on LinkedIn. Whether it comes in the form of referrals from other attorneys or from potential clients.

Smart law firms recognise this, and are investing in their teams and marketing budget to leverage LinkedIn.

The approach is simple:

  • update your profiles
  • use your company page
  • train your team to get involved
  • create content that showcases your knowledge and expertise
  • build a valuable network
  • build relationships

How to use LinkedIn for Law Firms

Are you leveraging LinkedIn for business?

We take care of all your marketing content on LinkedIn - creating the content, training your team and building your firm's profile online.

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