Your company needs a LinkedIn presence.  With over 810m users and 60m Company Pages, LinkedIn is the most trusted social media platform, describing itself as the place where business gets done. 

LinkedIn is not like Instagram though.  Less than 2% of users feel comfortable posting any content for various reasons.  Lack of knowledge on the platform,  overwhelm, and lack of time. 

So why not outsource it to the experts?   Give yourself back time to focus on delivering the service you are an expert in.   


Have peace of mind that your LinkedIn presence is taken care of, with international expertise. 

We manage LinkedIn accounts for our clients.   We work with clients who specialise in legal,  financial services,  and HR industries. 

You will be in safe hands with our team of highly experienced social media strategists and copywriters.  

We can help curate and manage the content for your LinkedIn company page  and personal profiles.  


On top of your content,  here’s what else is included
  1. Monthly Strategy: Provide strategic guidance and best practices on utilizing LinkedIn effectively for the client’s business.

  2. Platform Updates and New Features: Stay updated on the latest changes and new features on the LinkedIn platform. We make sure our clients are aware of and can leverage these features to their advantage.

  3. Engagement Coaching: Offer coaching and guidance on how to effectively engage with others on LinkedIn. Provide tips and strategies for initiating conversations, responding to comments, and fostering meaningful interactions.

  4. Assistance with LinkedIn Livestreams:  we offer support and guidance in setting up LinkedIn livestreams for our clients. Provide technical assistance and best practices for hosting successful livestream events on the platform.

  5. Video Content Upload:  we will upload video content provided by our clients onto their Company Page. We make sure that the videos are properly formatted and optimized for LinkedIn’s video features.

  6. Carousel Post Creation: Create visually engaging carousel posts for the client’s Company Page. These posts can include multiple images or slides to showcase products, services, or company highlights effectively.

  7. Monitoring Mentions: Keep a watchful eye for any mentions of the client’s company on LinkedIn. Our team actively monitor discussions, posts, and comments related to our client’s brand and promptly inform the client about any relevant mentions.

  8. Mention-to-Post Conversion: Transform relevant mentions of the client’s company into dedicated posts. By proactively identifying opportunities, such as events, conferences, or achievements, we then suggest creating engaging posts around them to highlight our client’s activities and accomplishments.

Our team offers a comprehensive range of LinkedIn management services that go beyond the basic tasks.

We take a proactive approach to maximizing our client’s presence on the platform, leveraging new features, and identifying opportunities for engagement and content creation.

  • All packages require a minimum six-month commitment.
  • We have an onboarding process which includes auditing your existing presence on LinkedIn and offering training for you and your team.   Please email to discuss. 

We work with high performing individuals and teams who recognise the value in consistent content creation and engagement on LinkedIn and who want to bring in worthwhile leads and sales. 

LinkedIn Content plus Strategy

$ 1800
per month
  • 1 hour expert LinkedIn Consultancy call per month
  • Bespoke individual coaching based on your LinkedIn Goals
  • Strategic Content Planning
  • Lead Generation Messaging Strategy
  • 8 x optimised LinkedIn Posts for your Company Page OR personal profile
  • 1 x Thought Leadership Article per month
Plus Content

LinkedIn for Companies

$ 2000
per month
  • 1 hour expert LinkedIn Consultation per month with Louise
  • Bespoke individual coaching based on your company LinkedIn Goals
  • Lead Generation Messaging Strategy
  • 1 x Optimised Thought Leadership LinkedIn Article
  • 8 x optimised Company Page posts
  • 8 x optimised LinkedIn posts for CEO
Plus Content

Customers reviews

Louise has formally introduced me to LinkedIn and it is quite evident that I need to spend more time on it. Just the few quick tips that Louise has shared have already landed me a sale. I look forward to our 2x monthly meetings to hone my skills (and increase sales) even more!
Anne Hussman
CEO So El Paso
I had the pleasure of working with Louise through her VIP Intensive program. I've known Louise for a couple of years and had the pleasure of meeting her at an event. I wanted fresh eyes on my LinkedIn profile from someone who wasn't super familiar with my business and it was a huge help. Through the VIP intensive, I was able to make an easy plan for my LinkedIn marketing. I highly recommend Louise - she's a pleasure to work with and has great insight
Danielle Liss
Owner & Attorney at LISS Legal
If you want to master the art of LinkedIn marketing for you or your business, beat a path to Louise Brogan's door? She is the real deal...An expert who walks the talk and will help you to focus on what works and ditch the rest. Oh, and she's a joy to work with too. Highly recommended.
Eamonn O'Brien
Strategic Storytelling Specialist | Virtual Speaker | Executive Speaker Coach | I Help Leaders to Speak Memorably