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Are you raising your profile on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the social media platform for building relationships  and becoming known for your expertise. 

With over 875 million users and growing,  your business network can be found on LinkedIn.

B2B marketers today recognize LinkedIn for what it is: a trusted, credible platform where business professionals go to network and find solutions to the challenges they face day in and day out. 

LinkedIn Marketing Blog

Does this sound familiar?  

 You want to be seen as the experts in your field

Your ideal clients are on LinkedIn

However – you don’t have the time or the knowledge to truly utilise LinkedIn. 

We want to help you. 

Build your profile and firm as a trusted source of information on LinkedIn. 

Become the go-to resource, sharing articles and starting thoughtful conversations that raise YOUR profile and attract the business clients you want.  

What you need to take advantage of this platform

  • an understanding of what works on LinkedIn – how, what and when to post
  • how to find the right people
  • how to start your business relationship on the right foot
  • a fully optimised Profile
  • a LinkedIn Company Page
  • a content strategy for LinkedIn

Our Company

We love helping law firms to leverage LinkedIn.  

We focus on training individuals and teams on how to really USE LinkedIn.    We have a team of account managers, copywriters, graphic designers and are lead by Louise Brogan, LinkedIn expert, speaker and consultant. 

Past clients include the Bar of NI,  The Law Society of NI,  Juris Resolutions, Wilson Nesbitt Law Firm,  and more. 

LinkedIn Marketing for Law Firms

What’s Included?

Content marketing for LinkedIn

  • One long-form article per month (can be repurposed into a blog on your website) 
  • Content created and scheduled for the company on LinkedIn
  • All comments/queries responded to on the Company Page

Set up and Training

  • LinkedIn Profile optimisation
  • LinkedIn Company Page optimisation/creation
  • Full workshop for the team on how to use LinkedIn
  • Building relationships with your network and ideal clients
  • Strategic use of LinkedIn – what can you and your team do on a regular basis

What Experience Do We Have?

We have worked with hundreds of individuals 1-1 on their LinkedIn profiles and strategy.  Within law, we have worked with societies, law firms and individual lawyers who want to leverage LinkedIn. 

Louise has delivered online webinars and training to thousands of people who want to understand Linkedin via private masterminds, groups, for companies, universities and public sector organisations.

Louise has spoken on stage in Los Angeles, Dublin, London, Peterborough as well as locally in Northern Ireland. 

As a Small Business Britain Champion, Louise is passionate about supporting other business owners to help them grow through their LinkedIn marketing. 


Louise is an expert in using social media and has a special talent for helping legal professionals to communicate and market effectively through LinkedIn.
Martin Blake
International Legal Consultant; Director: Juris Resolutions; Consultant: TCS Inc.
Louise is the BEST at LinkedIn training. She analyzed my profile and gave clear instructions on how to improve. She explained how to create engaging posts and use LinkedIn to converse with my peers. It was so helpful and I took pages of notes. Louise is patient and kind. It was a fun session. My business partner wants to use her also. My first post after our session got tons of comments. She gave me referrals to others who can help me with other content needs. I highly recommend Louise for anything LinkedIn.
Christopher Melcher
Family Law Attorney Los Angeles * TV Legal Analyst and Commentator
Louise is just a genius when it comes to LinkedIn. It never occurred to me that with the right LinkedIn strategy I would get clients directly from the platform! From following Louise’s advice I’ve gone from hating LinkedIn to it being my favourite platform - one that delivers leads and sales! LinkedIn is now my favourite place to be.
Lyndsay Cambridge
SEO Content Writer & Blog Management for Time-Poor Business Owners | Author of the Bestselling Book, Content Fortress

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