LinkedIn Training for Corporate Teams - Louise Brogan

linkedin training for
corporate teams

Online workshops for teams who want to leverage LinkedIn

Does your team have a LinkedIn Strategy?

You want a long term strategy for using LinkedIn to deliver consistent leads.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Right now, you may be struggling to find genuine leads on LinkedIn. 
  • No one is replying to your InMail messages.
  • Not all of the team are on board with LinkedIn. 
  • You feel frustrated and fed up wasting time posting content on LinkedIn. 
  • The marketing director has asked everyone to share the Company posts.
  • Team members are obligated to post a certain number of times a week and no one likes LinkedIn anymore. 

Who am I ?

I am Louise Brogan, and I have been working with companies who want to to use LinkedIn to get leads and win business for over 7 years. 

After working in corporate for 15 years in IT, I set up my own business to help others with their social media.  I love teaching people (in another life, I am pretty sure I would be teaching GCSE Geography)  

My expertise in LinkedIn is the missing part in your social selling strategy and I want to help you win business starting ASAP. 

What’s Included?

We offer half or full-day training session for your Sales & Marketing team.

The focus is on using LinkedIn to generate leads, build valuable networks and relationships that lead to sales.

The workshop is held remotely via Zoom, recorded and includes workbooks. 

Start with Lunch’n’Learn for your staff

Want to start with a  lunch and learn event?  I host 45 minute trainings to take your team through what they need to know to get started using LinkedIn.

Feedback from Women in Film & TV recent event:

  • It was good to have an explanation of what LinkedIn is really for.
  • Clear and practical advice
  • The pace. It zipped along
  • Simple, encouraging and actionable advice
  • The content and delivery of this workshop was excellent.
  • All of it. Excellent break down of how to use the site.
  • The way the info was presented really clean & easy
  • informative
  • Her engaging approach and making it seem simple
  • Comprehensive covered of LinkedIn features

The workshop is held remotely via Zoom and recorded