LinkedIn Company Page Inbox

LinkedIn have introduced a way to contact a Company Page directly on the platform – the new Page Messaging Inbox.

You can now enable messaging directly for your page. When you enable messages for your Page, LinkedIn members can send a message directly to your Page and super and content admins can reply to the message.

Previously, if someone wanted to connect with your company, they either could leave a public comment, or use the custom action button to find out more about your business.

This might be Learn More, Contact Us or Visit Website

How to find your Inbox Messages

An easy way to know if you have access to LinkedIn Company Page messaging, is to check your own personal inbox.

Each person who has Content Admin or Super Admin rights to your Page, will see the Page Inbox show up at the top of their own personal Messages on LinkedIn.

To switch to Page Messages, simply click on the arrow at the right hand side of the image above.

You can also access this through the Page directly.

To access your Inbox as a Page Admin, scroll down the left hand side menu of your page and click on Inbox Settings

Clicking on the Inbox on the Page OR via your Messaging tab, will open this screen

How to edit your Company Page Inbox Messaging Settings

You have the option to edit your messaging settings including the following:

Turning the message button on or off

Add your conversation topics. These can be selected from a list by LinkedIn – you must add a minimum of TWO topics.

How to manage Company Page Notifications

When your page receives a new message, you can choose how to be notified by LinkedIn.

Navigate to your profile settings OR click on the Manage Notifications option on your Company Page

On your Settings, go to Notifications – select Pages

Choose how and where you want to be notified including

  • In-app notifications
  • Push Notifications
  • Email – these will be sent to the PRIMARY email on your LinkedIn account.

You may want to trial out the different options for a month before settling on what will work for you and your Company.

You will have the same settings for your messages as you do on your personal profile – filter by All Message, Archived, Unread or Spam.

Video walkthrough of the mobile version of the same Inbox