Writing in Our Client’s Tone of Voice

Can you outsource writing of your LinkedIn posts? How can someone else write your posts for LinkedIn?

Trusting someone else to write your content is challenging. Your words are a huge part of your online identity, so giving up that control can make even the most confident business owner nervous. Plus, there are so many content and copywriters out there. How do you know you’re trusting the right one?

We want to reassure you that when you work choose to work with us, we put you first. Much research goes into who you are as a business owner, what messages you want your LinkedIn to share, and how we can best serve you in your industry. Plus, we only work with established and competent copywriters who are confident they can match your tone of voice.

Here are seven of the ways we stand out from the competition.

1. Our Writers are Professional Copywriters

We only work with professional copywriters who have Native English skills. They are versatile in British, American, and Canadian English. Our copywriters have years of experience honing their craft and continuously take courses to learn new skills.

Working with a professional copywriter means you can trust that your outsourced content is of high quality. They’re wholly focused on research and writing. Producing high-quality, authoritative content is a time-intensive task, so having someone qualified do this for you is a game-changer. Plus, our copywriters know what makes for engaging content that will encourage your audience to chat with you on LinkedIn. 

2. We Get to Know Our Clients

We take time to get to know our clients before we ever start writing for them. This goes back to our talented copywriters, who are top-tier researchers. A huge part of our copywriters’ job is researching who our clients are. 

Our copywriters take the time to read through our client’s existing content. This helps nail down the client’s written tone of voice and how the client chooses to come across. 

But, on top of this, our copywriters dive into any audio/visual media our clients have, such as podcasts or YouTube videos. This type of content is invaluable to our copywriters because it lets them understand how our clients talk when they don’t have a script. It helps to understand their personality and mannerisms, ensuring that we get the more casual side of our clients down, too.

3. The Importance of an Onboarding Questionnaire

We don’t stop after research! We also send each of our clients an onboarding questionnaire that is essential to learning our client’s tone of voice. This questionnaire covers the basics, including key information about a client’s company. It allows the client to explain their business to us in their own words.

Our onboarding questionnaire asks about our client’s products, services, target market, and pain points. We also want to know about their competitors and who they admire in their industry. From here, we ask about the key themes our clients want to talk about and what they want their audience to feel, think, or do after interacting with their posts.

Finally, we get into our client’s tone of voice. We love when our clients are really clear about what they sound like professionally and whether they want to include their personality in their posts (which we always recommend, unless it’s a company business page). We also ask what industry magazines and news sources, podcasts, books, and other media our clients check out so that we can share anything relevant on their LinkedIn pages. 

4. We Work With Our Client’s Existing Brand Guides

If our clients already have a brand style guide, we are very happy to work with this. An existing brand style guide means that our clients already have an established way to communicate online. 

A style guide helps our copywriters stay consistent with our client’s brand identity while keeping within their already established guidelines. It includes any unique words or phrases that our client uses, their brand voice, where they differ from official styles (like Chicago or AP), and what design guidelines we should follow.

If a client doesn’t have an existing brand guide, that’s okay. It’s not an essential part of working with us, or with our copywriters matching our client’s tone of voice.

5. We Talk to Our Clients

While our copywriters do what they do best, our Founder, Louise, and our Account Manager also play their roles. They have regular monthly meetings with all of our clients to discuss their monthly goals, topics, offers, wins, and more. These meetings are essential, and all that information gets recorded and sent to our copywriters. They’re also a great space for our clients to give us helpful feedback so that we can get even tighter to their tone of voice and overall expectations. 

Louise and our Account Manager keep regular email contact with our clients, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Plus, our clients send us updates they might want to schedule at short notice or for the next month.

6. We Always Check-In With Our Clients

We never post anything on LinkedIn without our clients sign-off. Our clients have final creative control over what we post on their behalf. 

Most of the time, we nail it. Other times, our clients make a few tweaks on their own. Rarely, our clients come back with a few changes for our copywriters to make. This feedback helps us get closer to our client’s tone of voice for our ongoing content creation. 

This means that nothing ever gets posted that our clients aren’t happy with. 

7. We Focus on Professional Services

Finally, because we focus on professional services, we understand the need to be professional and to work within industry guidelines and standards. Everyone on our team is familiar with LinkedIn’s terms of service and code of conduct, too. Anything we produce will always be appropriate to the platform.

On top of this, we take the time to understand our client’s industry. Industry standards, regulations, and level of professionalism are all included in our copywriter’s initial research. We match this level of professionalism with all the content we produce for our clients.

Rest assured that when you work with us, you will always receive high-quality, professional LinkedIn content that sounds just like you.

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