Why you should be writing regular blog posts in 2018

It’s here… the new year.  We all have so many plans for our business at the turn of the year.  I know I do.   Are you full of ideas,  plans and targets?   How do you keep yourself on track?

One thing I am going to do this year, and I hope you can join me with, is to write a weekly blog post.   Starting today.

To do this differently,and therefore to actually stick to it,  I am going to use some help.   In the 1950’s, a British bureaucrat and historian,  Cecil Parkinson, stated that:

[clickToTweet tweet=”Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion #ParkinsonsLaw” quote=”Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”]

From here on known as ‘Parkinson’s Law’.

What this means is, if you give yourself a task of writing a blogpost that could take two hours, but don’t stick to a time frame, it could actually take two days to write.  Have you ever sat down at your laptop to start writing,  realised you need a new coffee,  then that the laundry needs to be loaded,  and oh yes… didn’t you fancy making a tuna salad for lunch?  Next thing you know, the morning is gone, you have had three cups of coffee and not even decided what your blog post title is!!   Or is that just me?

How am I going to change this?  I plan to implement the Pomodoro technique.  The Pomodoro technique is designed so that you work in 25 minute slots.  Decide how many pomodoros you need to complete your task.  Then every 25 minutes you take a five minute break – recharge the braincells,  do a stretch, grab a  coffee.. and then get back to it.

Where can we save time?

Get yourself an digital timer… and allocate 5 minutes for skimming your email in the morning.   There are lots of little time sucks that take over our lives when we work from home – social media and email checking being two massive culprits.  If you are using the Pomodoro technique, you can actually get a timer on your browser to keep you right.

Why does it work?

By picking a reasonable time block of 25 minutes, you can focus on the task in hand.

Think of it this way – if you sit down and say you are going to write a blog post this morning,  the time will fritter away on you as you pick your images,  think of what you are going to say,  check your Facebook notifications.. and oh.. didn’t you just get a WhatsApp from your client?

90 minutes later and you are still only halfway through your post.

On the other hand, by protecting the next 25 minutes solely for writing your blog post, and not allowing any distractions, you will actually get your words down!  Hooray!

Then after four blocks of 25 minutes, you can take a slightly longer break. Maybe enough to get a cuppa and flick through your magazine away from your screen – coming back refreshed and ready for your next piece of work.

The other way I intend to commit to my weekly blogposts is by getting into a regular habit.   Inside the Social Bee Academy, I am going to be running a 90 day blogging challenge – there’s nothing like accountability and group commitment to keep us on track.   As well as keeping you accountable, being part of the Academy means you will have willing ears and eyes on your content from your fellow members.  Doors are opening in January, so to keep in the loop for the launch date,  sign up here.

I would love to know what productivity tools or hacks you use in your business – do share them with me!

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