Why I’m co-hosting Social Media Bootcamp in Belfast.

Social Media conference in Belfast Titanic Hotel, May 2019

Social Bee Podcast Episode 77

Do you regularly attend conferences and live events? 

Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to share a room for a day with other like-minded business owners who are building and marketing their work online and offline?

Then I’d love to invite you to Social Media Bootcamp, which is taking place on the 31st May 2019 in Belfast. I’m co-hosting the event with Ashleigh Watson of Copper Square Communications, and we have some amazing speakers joining us for the day. The line-up includes Lucy Eckley (Build Your Brand Story), Louise Humphrey (Studio 44 Pilates), Chris Eva, Martin Huntbach and Lyndsay Cambridge (Jammy Digital), and, of course, myself and Ashleigh! It’s going to be a fun, interactive day where you’re going to learn all about creating a marketing strategy for your business, building your presence online, understanding what works on social media in 2019, and much more! 

You will learn…

  1. Why I decided to co-host my own event in Belfast.
  2. Why we called the event a BOOTCAMP – it’s NOT your traditional-style conference where you just sit and listen to inspirational speakers, although you’ll be doing a lot of that too! 
  3. How to book and what to expect on the day (and the weekend!). 

More about Social Media Bootcamp.

For more information about the conference and to book your ticket, click here. Super Early Bird tickets available until 12th April 2019. 

*If you’re flying in, book your flight to Belfast City Airport.*

And if you have any questions about the conference or would like more information about where to stay, email me at

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