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Why would you attend an online summit?

Have you ever been to a business conference?

Maybe you booked flights,  caught a train,  stayed in a hotel and when you got there,  met hundreds of likeminded people, networked,  learned and generally had a blast.

Well, a virtual summit contains all of the above except you don’t need to book the flight, catch the train,  or pay for the hotel…

Sound good?  Read on.

An online summit is a conference you can attend from the comfort of your own home.  You signup in advance, and when the training is released each day, you get access to watch it online.

Most summits are based around a theme – maybe productivity at work,  leadership development or in my case,  how to Raise Your Visibility online.

Speakers are chosen for their expertise, knowledge and whether they would be a good fit for your ideal client.

My speakers are all people with experience in online business,  focusing in particular on how to cut through all the noise and stand out online.

Why this online summit?

If you are interested in establishing your brand online or have been thinking about getting more speaking gigs -either online or in person, this is the summit for you.

Maybe you struggle with mindset issues or pricing your own worth.

Maybe this is the year you want to start your own podcast or launch your first live events.

If that sounds appealing, then you definitely cannot miss this summit!

How do you attend?

The summit was held live in 2019 but you can still access ALL the amazing speakers right here

Grab your Ticket today


Helen Packham – How to create your own event to raise your visibility

Catherine Gladwyn – Working with a VA

Hannah Martin – How to earn the money you deserve

Jessica Fearnley – Running and growing a successful business

Martin Huntbach – Websites and SEO

Lucy Eckley – How to attract your ideal clients by simply being yourself

Jacqui Jagger – Mindset Matters – Why putting yourself out there is so hard and what to do about it!

Kate Erickson – Podcasting for Beginners

Jessica Lorimer – Sales; specifically how you can sell in any business

Suzanne Chadwick – running events to grow your business

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