What worked on LinkedIn in 2020 – top posts and conversations

I thought that it would be fun to go through a few of my LinkedIn personal profiles statistics for 2020 to share with you.

What’s worked, what’s increased, what’s decreased interestingly this year and kind of basically a state of state of the nation for my LinkedIn account.

I have approximately 5,390 people that I’m connected to on LinkedIn. If I look at the numbers from the start of the year I had approximately 3500 people following me on LinkedIn. So it’s gone up by 53% this year, which is great.

I know that there are ways to increase your followers by 10x but you know, if you’re a longtime listener, you know, that I am much more about building relationships and building an authentic network on LinkedIn.

Over 5,000 followers is a LOT of people. It’s a slow buildup. As I connect with people, we have one-on-one messages and that makes them much more likely to engage with my content and vice versa, because I actually know who they are,

I like seeing people comment, and I like knowing where they’ve come from and being able to work out where they’ve come from as well.

So let’s start with the negatives first. Views of my LinkedIn profile dropped by 4% this year. Last year I had 270,000 views of my profile and this year it dropped slightly to 262,000 views.

The number of people who clicked ‘like’ on my content dropped by 19%.

I am interested in this because the number of people who left comments actually grew by 44%. That’s what I want from my LinkedIn activity.

I want people engaging and commenting.

If you listen to me, you’ll know, or if you’ve worked with me, you’ll know that when you comment under my post or anybody else’s posts, people are going to see your name and your headline.

How to write a good headline for LinkedIn

Write your headline in a way that piques somebody’s curiosity. So they go off to your profile to find it what it is that you do.

Nobody’s going to find you through that method if you’re not commenting. So I’d love to hear you say that you’ve raised your commenting by 44% this year. That would be awesome.

The number of people who shared my content has gone up by a whopping 606%. That is, I like that a lot. That means I’m putting content out there that people feel is worth sharing. And that makes me very happy.

I definitely have gone down the road of creating more like many trainings this year, especially the little videos that I’m doing on how to figure out stuff on your profile, like two to three minute long videos, which I then repurpose and share on my YouTube channel.

(Nerdy Stat Time)

If you increase your followers by 53%, and we know that only 10% of the network, either comment, engage or post content, then it makes sense that if you increase your followers by 53%, you’re going to get a lot more people following you who don’t engage, or maybe it is just percentages. So the engagement rate dropped from 2.4, 7%, 2.4, 2% coming to engage with my content. Let’s get that number up in 2021!

Number of Posts

Number of posts this year went up by 48% because I’ve been much more consistent and much more strategic in my posting. So I tend to post at least four times a week.

Weekend Posting

I occasionally post at the weekend. I know if I post at the weekend, the engagement rate, the comments, the likes will increase, but we have a family. I don’t want to be online working at the weekends. So it’s my choice to do that.

It’s my choice not to reach out and connect with a hundred people a day. So there’s looking at metrics from a mathematical point of view, and then there’s bringing in the human element for me is that I don’t devote my life to raising these numbers. 😂

What other numbers do I have for you?

  • 4,581 likes of my content,

Most Popular Posts

I do recommend to my clients to post on Tuesdays or Wednesdays around mid-morning and you are going to have a more successful rate of engagement in your content.

Most popular post was a poll on Wednesday, 29th of January, and I had 9,143 people viewed it. I had 195 comments on that pool. Guess what it was about: are you sending connection requests without a note on LinkedIn?

There are a lot of people that have very particular viewpoints on that, including myself. I want you to send me a message to say why you’re connecting with me. Other people say don’t bother just fire out all the connection requests and build your network.

I teach LinkedIn a relationship building, social selling platform to help you grow a genuinely authentic network of people who you’re interested in. They’re interested in you, you help, it helps you build your business.

So that was the most popular post. What was next?

My Second Most Popular Post

This was a text only post.

Of my six top posts of the year, three of them were polls and three of them were text only.

77 comments on the next one.

Next most popular post – hosting an event

This was my LinkedIn Business Breakfast in Belfast in person, with coffee. I bought everybody’s scones and we just sat around and talked about how to use LinkedIn for business. This was popular because I tagged the people in it, it was a feel-good post and it was also engaging with my local business community. Lots of plus points!

What do the top posts have in common?

You’ll notice that they are all to do with my expert topic – using LinkedIn.

They are all starting conversations with my network.

What I have really enjoyed this year on LinkedIn is the conversations I’ve been having with my network.

It’s the conversations inside the messaging inbox.

People sending me messages, introducing me to people. Asking for support.

My content leads to the start of conversations some of which lead directly to sales opportunities. (others come later down the line!)

I will keep measuring what’s working on LinkedIn – to keep up with the weekly podcast and my weekly YouTube videos, why not subscribe.

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