What to expect when you buy a LinkedIn VIP Session

You have a LinkedIn profile. Maybe it’s from your corporate career. It is looking a bit dusty. You don’t actually know half the people in your network. If you have one. You definitely aren’t getting seen. But you are amazing. Really knowledgeable about your industry. Top of your game. Ready to grow this business.

I created the LinkedIn VIP session for my clients who want to get a LinkedIn profile they are proud of, start building a network who are interesting as well as interested and want to figure out how on earth to use LinkedIn.

What is a LinkedIn VIP Session?

The LinkedIn VIP session is a three hour online event with you and me. Some clients prefer to break into two 90 minute sessions, and that is fine.

Here is what we cover:

What Exactly Happens Though?

Before our session:

Once you buy your session, I send you a form to fill in. Don’t worry, it is not too taxing. I want to make sure we cover everything you want to cover.

You give me some basic information about yourself and your business.

Add in three main questions you have about using LinkedIn.

Share your ideal clients, and let me know how you found me. (I do offer referral fees!)

You book your time on my calendar. I use software called Calendly which is super-handy.

What about timezones?
Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

Hey, I live in Northern Ireland. We have green fields, Guinness, the Giant’s Causeway, the Titanic Museum and lots of Game of Thrones locations. I work with clients from all over the world!

I open my diary to allow for timezones in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Calendly will show you times in your own local timezone.

If you can’t find a time that suits, let me know and we will find one. I don’t open up all of my evenings but I can be flexible.

Once you book your date

I will send you a calendar invite to our session. You will have a Zoom link and I will send you a reminder the day before we start.

In the background, I will be reading your website, your current LinkedIn profile, your resume or any thing you send me and if you don’t have any of the above, that’s ok too!

During our Session

Hooray! We are about to transform your whole LinkedIn status.

The session is on Zoom and I record it for you. You share your screen and log into LinkedIn.

The first half of our session, we focus on your profile. We re-write it together. This is a wonderfully collaborative process. I promise you will enjoy it.

After 90 minutes, we take a ten minute break. I tend to get a coffee. And check on the kids/tadpoles/dog.

In our second half, I show you how to use LinkedIn. How, what, when and why you post content on LinkedIn. How to find people worth connecting with. Understanding how the whole platform works. I make sure you have all your questions answered.

Louise excels at helping small business owners get the very best out of their LinkedIn experience. She has amazing, practical tips on how to connect your business LinkedIn site with your personal site. How to create content to get maximum impact and engagement. She’s a great writer and a strategic thinker.

Dolores Keating-Mallen, Canada
After our Session

Once we finish up, I will send you the recording of our session to download. I will keep a copy for 4 weeks.

What’s included in your session?

Three hours of one to one training

Creating a fully optimised LinkedIn Profile

I will teach you how to use LinkedIn to start bringing leads into your business. You get a recording of the full session.

What is not included?

Creation of your Company Page – this is a separate service

An ongoing content plan and strategy. This is something I work with my monthly retainer clients on.

We do not create your posts for you during the VIP session.

This is not for teams – this is a service I offer for one-to-one VIP clients.

I cannot bring your coffee to you! (may have to add that in the future)

How much does a LinkedIn VIP Session cost?

The LinkedIn VIP session is currently priced at $1500 US. You can book yours here

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I booked a VIP session with Louise and it turbo charged the way I use LinkedIn. She gave practical tips that we implemented during our call. LinkedIn takes effort and it pays off. Louise will show you how to do it efficiently. I highly recommend her services.

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