What makes a good headline on LinkedIn?

What makes a good headline for your personal profile on LinkedIn?

The headline is the bit under your name – so mine is LinkedIn Consultant | Small Business Britain Champion | Podcaster | Speaker


🤔 What do YOU think makes a good headline?

🤩 Can you share a headline that stands out to you here on the platform?

😉 What headlines are not so good (no outing anyone… you can just use an example!)

For this episode, I decided to ask my audience and here are their recommendations:

Amy Grubb:

In my opinion, a good headline makes use of keywords and focuses on your particular niche. It makes you stand out from the crowd.

A great example is Greg Swift who is the COO of LawyersInHouse.com. A big focus of LawyersInHouse is helping in-house legal counsel. He could have just written COO in his headline but instead he wrote “Helping In-House Legal Teams With The Challenges Of Today | Chief Operating Officer at LawyersInHouse.com“. He has his keywords in his headline and if I were in-house counsel, I would want to learn more.

Amee Sandhu is another great example. She makes great use of the real estate available in her headline. She doesn’t just write that she is a Busines Lawyer. She instead indicates who she helps (companies), that her firm is a Pending B Corp status law firm (which is not a common designation for a law firm in Ontario), that she is a speaker, university lecturer, etc.

Christine Gritmon

Most of the experts I know say that while you want to lead with clarity (what are the people actually LOOKING for? Use that language, not necessarily the language you’d use to present it), you should also pop a dash of color in at the end.

John Bellingham

I’m connected with quite a few copywriters, Louise, and I often find their headlines to be both humorous and informative:

Sarah Cornish ⏳

 The Liam Neeson of VA’s and Virtual Business Support | 🐸 I’ll eat your frog | Owner of The Time Saver…saving your time for better things!

Diane Diaz(She/Her) 

Great thoughts Louise. And thanks for asking! I like a headline that tells me what the person does (expertise, etc) but that does not include buzz words or fluff. Factual and specific in my mind are the most effecting in helping your audience know how you can help them.

Sabrina Davis 

I think most people think it is just for their title, but I find it helpful when you see short descriptors of what people’s specialties are.

Damian Corbet 

Hi Louise – I love the fun copywriter headlines shared by John Bellingham. It really helps them stand out. Generally, though, I think the safest approach is ‘what it says on the tin’. Say who you are and what you do – and if there’s space, say a little about yourself.

To end with a good example – check out Shelli L. Warren’s headline – full marks!

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