What is a podcast?

I started a podcast five weeks ago.  Its called the Social Bee Podcast.  I am interviewing women entrepreneurs all about their journey so far, with the idea that listening to the interviews will inspire other women to think about starting their own business or to grow the business they have.  I am loving it.

But I forgot something.

18 months ago, I had never really heard of a podcast.

Yep.  No idea what they were.

I was at a business event and someone mentioned a podcast by Seth Godin for startups. I went home, downloaded it onto my phone and took the dog out for a walk.  I was hooked.  And have been ever since.  Makes dog walking and going for a jog something I look forward to, so I can catch up on my episodes.

What made me think my potential audience would have ever heard of one?  I mean, I had heard the BBC talk about downloading a podcast of the breakfast show or the Sunday morning show…  I had heard Jane Garvey talk about the Women’s Hour podcast- but I had never heard of a business podcast.  What did that even look like?

Having become an AVID listener to several podcasts since that first listen,  I realised that I wanted to start my own.  My current favourites are Natalie Eckdahl’s BizChix podcast and the Membership Site Guys podcast,  but I have also been very partial to overloading on Amy Porterfields Online Marketing Made Easy (as I type that, I am singing her title in my head so I know I have listened to it a LOT), John LeeDumas,  Pat Flynn and Janet Murray are also high up on my listening list.

Today I met a business owner who I know would be perfect for my audience, but when I mentioned that I had a podcast, she thought I meant one of my Facebook live videos. Which is why I am writing this post.  Also, when I came home to my house last week where my mum was minding the kids, she said to me – Louise, the dog has eaten your podcast.   Ummm….   really?    To be fair, the dog HAD actually stolen my phone grip from my desk and eaten it… and it’s called a gorilla pod.   But you have to smile…  gave me a laugh.

A podcast is something you listen to.   You can download it from iTunes,  Podbean,  SoundCloud… many places.   You generally listen to it on your earphones but I know some people play them out loud while doing the ironing or washing the dishes. I personally play them through the Bluetooth speaker in the car. Usually when I am on my own, but my kids have been subjected to them occasionally.

Podcasts have episodes.  The episodes can be released daily, weekly or sporadically.   I am releasing mine weekly.   To be consistent, they are going to be released at the same time each week.   I record my interviews,  send them to my sound editor Chris of ST Mastering and then he edits them and uploads them to a third party software called Libsyn.    I create the artwork, write up the synopsis of the episode and then post that information when the episode is live on iTunes.  A lot of work!  Many podcasters do all of these steps but I outsource to Chris rather than trying to do it all myself.

There are podcasts about everything.  I only listen to ones that are business related – usually within my own online marketing space, but also ones that are aimed at interviewing entrepreneurs. I love hearing other people’s business stories.  I think we can all learn a lot from hearing about other experiences.  I hope that is what people will take from my podcast.  I would love for you to download an episode and give it a listen.  You can click here or do a search on iTunes for Social Bee Podcast.   If you do, let me know what you think – and if you like it, please leave me a review on iTunes! xoxo

what is a podcast

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