What does a LinkedIn Retainer Package look like?

Would you like ongoing accountability and support to help you with LinkedIn? With a LinkedIn Retainer, that is exactly what you will get.

LinkedIn can be a tough nut to crack. It’s not like Facebook or Instagram. It has its own language, format, even behaviour.

Did you know, for example, that you shouldn’t post every day on LinkedIn? And that you can find stories right on the platform that you can share with your audience.

I have worked with hundreds of small business owners, solopreneurs, teams and professionals who want to raise their profile on LinkedIn. Some want to become known as an expert in their field so that they can get invited onto podcasts or conference stages. Others want to use LinkedIn to find, connect and convert their ideal clients into paying customers.

I can help with ALL of the above. Some of my clients want to book the LinkedIn VIP package – where we get your profile optimised for business, and then I show you exactly how to use LinkedIn. Then they go off and do it alone.

To get the most from LinkedIn however, I recommend working together for an ongoing period of time.

Six months is ideal. Why?

We want you to get into a groove of learning what works and what doesn’t. I am the LinkedIn expert in your pocket – the person who can give you strategic advice, recommendations and kind (constructive) feedback on what you might want to avoid doing.

You might think six months sounds like an awfully long time. There is a LOT more to LinkedIn that writing your profile and posting once or twice a week.

And life is always better with friends.

What does the Retainer Package look like?

Monthly Meetings

We meet together once a month on Zoom.

You book a slot on my calendar (ideally we get all of these in the diary when you sign up but I can be flexible on this).

During our hour’s call, you can ask me whatever you want about building your business on LinkedIn. In fact, some clients use this time to ask about other stuff – YouTube, podcasting, blogging – it is YOUR hour and we focus on your issues and questions.

You can send me through specific topics you want to cover in advance of our call.

During the call, we can pull up your LinkedIn account and look at the content/posts/activity you have had in the last month.

I record the sessions and then once we are finished, I send you the link to download your recording.

You can email me with your questions and queries in between calls. I ask you not to send questions via messenger on social media, as these can get lost. I aim to answer these within a 24 hour time period.

What if I want more access to you?

If you need more help during the month- maybe you want to get on a call to ask a question or want to send voice messages with questions, we can create an add-on package for you. I do not currently offer Voxer access (I am far too likely to respond out of office hours!)

Bonus Videos

I love answering client’s questions about how to do certain things on LinkedIn and in their business. That’s why sometimes when you ask me a question via email, I go off and create a video to answer it.

When one person wants to know how to do something online then you can be sure others do too! Examples of these can be seen over on my YouTube channel – like this one

What do we cover?

Before we start working together, I ask you to fill in a questionnaire. This helps us both understand who you are trying to connect with, what your main topics are going to be, and what your main goals are for using LinkedIn.

I am then able to take my 8 years of experience working with people just like you, and guide you along the LinkedIn path.

What do you need to do?

Our goal is to get you business. To get best return on your investment, I ask you to show up to the calls on time. Bring your questions. Do a little preparation. Send me through your issues and queries so I can arrive at our call with ideas to help you.

When we make a plan or I suggest something to you, be open to the idea. I have had a lot of success with clients on LinkedIn. I know what works (and also, importantly, what doesn’t). You don’t have to take my advice on board of course! This is not school. No one is marking your homework.

Still interested?

Find out more about signing up here

LinkedIn Retainer Package

If you still need to get your profile whipped into shape, I strongly suggest you book your VIP session first. But it is not a requirement for working with me on a retainer package. Yet.

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