On Air Coaching Call – what content to share on LinkedIn with V Sagastume

On Air Coaching call with Veronica Sagastume of Fortified Accounting.

V is the CEO of Fortified Accounting, a Silicon Valley based business offering Accounting & Business Solutions for StartUps.

V had several questions for me including:

  1. Since I have both a personal profile and a new business page, when I create content, when referring out my firm, team and services, should I say: We, Our, Us, not I, Me.

2. Should I create and publish the same type of content on my personal profile as on my business page?

3. What type of content would you recommend (posts, polls, videos, etc) to attract and connect with my ideal clients: Startup companies in the Software as a service industry in their first 3 years of business?

4. What should my business page profile focus on vs my personal profile.

If you would like to know the answers, then tune into the podcast today.

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Find V at https://www.fortifiedaccounting.com/ or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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