Podcast Episode 238 – Uplift Live with John Espirian

Join John Espirian and I as we discuss the upcoming Uplift Live conference in Birmingham, England in March 2024.

This is the UK’s first ever LinkedIn focused conference featuring EIGHT LinkedIn experts from across Europe, North America and the UK.

From software tester to Espresso+ community host, John tells us a little bit about how he became LinkedIn famous (my words, not his!) by being relentlessly helpful and now has curated a fantastic community full of LinkedIn experts and knowledge seekers. It only made sense to bring these people together in a live event and that’s where the idea for Uplift Live came from, alongside Gus Bhandal and Jeremy Freeman.

Who is this conference for?

  • If you’re a LinkedIn trainer or LinkedIn specialist in any way, it’s a no brainer, because we are genuinely getting some of the best speakers in the world to talk about advanced topics.
  • You’re a small business owner who is a self starter – you’re interested in learning and applying your own knowledge to get better results from social media, and particularly from LinkedIn this will be for you as well.
  • Let’s say you work for an organisation, and you might be their nominated social media person or their nominated LinkedIn person, you can come on behalf of them soak up all of the good knowledge and go away with with learnings for the entire organisation.

Make sure you get your ticket here – https://www.tickettailor.com/events/upliftlive/968762#