Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Optimization Tips for B2B Executives: Boost Your Professional Presence

LinkedIn is a crucial platform for B2B professionals seeking to establish a strong online presence. With over one billion users worldwide, LinkedIn is a hub for networking, knowledge sharing, and professional development in the B2B sector.

Here are some actionable tips for enhancing your LinkedIn profile, which will boost your credibility, visibility, and authority.

The Key Elements of an Optimised LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile plays a fundamental role in shaping how you’re perceived by your peers, partners, and clients. A well-crafted profile shows professionalism, expertise, and credibility, helping to position yourself as an industry leader.

Let’s start with the Introductory Card key features.

The Introductory Card is the rectangular block at the top of your profile that shows your name, images and locations like below:

Professional Photos

Your profile picture is other people’s first impression of you, and a professional photo can significantly enhance your credibility. Ideally, it should be against a white background, which you can easily create in Canva or another similar program if you don’t have one. Remember, a good picture can make a lasting impression.

The photo should be a cropped image of your head and shoulders, without any other people in the background.

Your profile’s background image, or cover photo, is also a great opportunity to highlight who you are and what your business does. We recommend creating a simple graphic in Canva.

Add in your logo and an image that reflects you at work, if relevant.

Headline and About Summary

There are two general approaches to writing a good headline summary. Summarise a few keywords about what you do—and remember to be as specific as possible. For example, instead of Louise Brogan: LinkedIn™  Marketing, further define it as Louise Brogan: LinkedIn™ Marketing for B2B.

Your headline is also a great opportunity to tell your network how you can help them. In this example, Lynne Beggs, explains in her headline how she can specifically help her network. 

Your Headline acts as a clickable link for people to find out more about you.

When you comment on someone else’s content, your headline, photo and name show up with your comment. If your headline is appealing to the right audience, you will draw more profile visits.

With a LinkedIn Premium account, you can see exactly who is looking at your profile.

The About Section

Once someone clicks on your headline to check out your profile, they will get to read your About Section.

You have 5000 characters of space here. Keep it interesting and to the point.

Take the opportunity to speak directly to your ideal client. List their pain points, how you can support them, and the result of working together.

Complete Your Profile and Update It Regularly

We know that there are a lot of sections to a LinkedIn profile, but we really do recommend filling it out completely. This shows that you’re dedicated to your career and a professional. Plus, it helps your network get to know you better.

You can check you have added all the sections by clicking on the ‘Add Profile section’ button on your Introductory Card.

Why should you update your profile regularly?

We also recommend updating your profile regularly. Take a minute to update your profile with any work updates, employment or role changes, new skills, or experience to highlight. This does more than keep your information up-to-date… it also works on LinkedIn’s backend to highlight to those using Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Recruiter that you’re active on the platform.

Showcase Your Experience

There are two sections that list your experience on your LinkedIn profile.

First, update your experience section with all of your relevant work experience. We recommend not listing out your key responsibilities and job duties as you would on a CV but rather how you help or helped people in your role. You can also further detail your experience if you have had more than one role with a company. 

Louise Brogan’s profile is a great example.

Then, utilise the Featured profile section to showcase some of your experiences or services. This is the perfect opportunity to link to your website.

With the example below, Leslie Beale, PCC, JD, features two links—one to her professional forum and the other to her website.

Finally, keep your education, licenses, and certifications updated with any of your qualifications.

Leslie Beale’s help to boost her credibility as a professional coach.

Use Keywords

LinkedIn is a professional search engine and often the first or second result on a Google search. So, we must optimise our profiles with accurate keywords! 

Keywords are the words that someone types into a search box.

“Marketing agency”

“LinkedIn marketing”

“B2B LinkedIn marketing”

“Local marketing agency”

“Social media marketing agency”

Try to include keywords throughout your profile. Start by adding some to your experience and about sections.

Customise Your URL

Customising your URL is free to every single LinkedIn user, and they have made it incredibly simple to do. Look to the top right side of your own profile and click on the little pencil to create your custom URL.

This gives you a link such as www.linkedin.com/in/louisebrogan

Highlight Your Skills

In the Skills section, list your skills. There’s an option to link the skills to your experience. Your network can also endorse your skills, which helps build your credibility.

This is an area that a lot of your peers and competitors will not be paying attention to. Adding in your skills, and choosing those from the LInkedIn drop-down options, helps you to get found in search on LinkedIn.

Tips for Boosting Credibility and Visibility

Optimised profiles and engaged executives are open to a wealth of opportunities gained from networking on LinkedIn. Building relationships on the platform is similar to offline networking and can be hugely beneficial to your career.

Plus, LinkedIn’s algorithm favours actively engaged and regularly updated profiles. 

Connect With Relevant Professionals

It’s easy to connect with anyone on LinkedIn… but would that serve you best? Instead, we recommend connecting with professionals relevant to your role.

After all, LinkedIn is the largest online professional networking service. And, you know that at networking events, you get more out of connecting with and building mutually beneficial relationships. 

Bring that attitude to LinkedIn and build a network of highly valuable connections.

Join the conversation about building a network on LinkedIn

Share Valuable Content

The best way to use LinkedIn is to have conversations with your network via the newsfeed.

Share content on your profile regularly to build your credibility, visibility, and know, like, and trust factor. Some suggested content ideas are industry updates, thought leadership, podcasts and videos you’ve been on, and of course, now and again, share what your products or services are, and how they can help the reader.

Check out our blog on LinkedIn content calendars for tips on simplifying this process.

Engage With Your Network

Interacting with your network and what they post on LinkedIn is important. Post your thoughts on any interesting posts they’ve made, share their post to start a conversation on your own profile, and message people directly.

The more you utilise your network, the more valuable a connection you are.

Respond to All Messages and Comments

Responding to your comments and messages only takes a minute and helps build your LinkedIn relationships. Plus, each time you comment on one of your LinkedIn posts, it brings that post to the top of your connections’ feeds and sends them a notification so they see your content again.

Next Steps

LinkedIn is the perfect place to boost your professional credibility and visibility. By implementing our profile optimisation advice and using our tips, you will create a connected, engaged LinkedIn network to help your career thrive.

Please contact us if you’d like help optimising your profile, creating a content calendar, or writing your content. We offer workshops, VIP Intensives, and monthly LinkedIn management packages.