Three reasons you need a Company Page on LinkedIn

If you have a business and are using LinkedIn for marketing, then it is time to create your Company Page. Why should businesses have a Company Page? What is the difference between the company page and your personal profile? Let’s dig in.

On LinkedIn, which is a professional social media networking site, your personal profile is the place to share who you help, what you do, showcase your knowledge and experience. As a business owner, whether you are a solopreneur or have a team around you, the next step is to create your Company Page.

For example – my personal profile on LinkedIn is and my Company Page is here

To find out more about how to use LinkedIn for your business, visit What Works On LinkedIn here

Here are the reasons I have a page as well as a personal profile as a one-woman business:

Brand Awareness:

Having a Company Page raises your credibility level online. Google is very favourable towards LinkedIn accounts, including Company Pages.

When someone is googling your business, by having a Company Page which uses the keywords you want to be found for, you are increasing the chances of appearing in the search results.  

Currently, the only way to have your company logo on your personal profile experience on LinkedIn, is through the link to your company page. If you don’t have a company page, then you will see a little grey box with a building instead of your logo.

add logo to linkedin experiene
how to add logo to your LinkedIn experience section

You can see from the example above on my own Experience section on LinkedIn, the difference it makes, having your company logo beside your experience.

Content Hub

Your company page provides a hub for the content your business produces.

You can upload articles, videos, even links to your podcast if you have one. Other content ideas include posts about news in the company,  about your employees,  questions about issues within your industry.

When someone is looking for a business like yours, they will be able to see if you are a good fit, by checking out the content you share on your company page.

Recruitment and Staffing

If someone is thinking of working with you, or has applied for a role and is coming in for interview, they will probably check out your Company Page on LinkedIn.

What kind of company is this? What are the topics they are most interested in? What news and events are happening?

When you have employees, they can also link to your Company Page in their personal profiles.   Your employees can share the main blog posts form your company page to their network, expanding your reach on LinkedIn.

As a solo entrepreneur, I do outsource a lot of work including podcast editing, show notes writing and I collaborate with other entrepreneurs. My Company Page is a great place for those people to have a look at my business and see if we are a good fit.

Do you have a Company Page on LinkedIn? If you would like some help setting yours up, please contact me on or book a call with me to discuss.

why you need a company page on linkedin