The one easy thing you can start doing today to get leads on LinkedIn

When you create content for LinkedIn, do you think about how it is received?

Are you delivering valuable content to your network that they want to read/watch/listen to? Or is it all the Me-Show?

Have a look at the last ten posts in your LinkedIn newsfeed. How many of your network shared a post that delivered ACTUAL value to you?

Does it look like this:

  • Sign up for my webinar
  • Listen to my podcast
  • Here’s my gorgeous baby (not that I don’t love baby photos)
  • Here’s an award that I won
  • Here’s a sketch I found online that made me laugh
  • I, I, I, me, me, me….

Be honest. How much do you want to read about how wonderful/amazing/inspiring everyone else is?

What about flipping it.

Could you write about how to help our network? Next time you write a post, stop yourself from talking about yourself. Turn it around. Write it to help your reader. Stop with the ‘I’ and start with the ‘You’.

I (oops see what I did there) scrolled through about 35 posts on my newsfeed to find a good example of what you can start doing.

I found TWO I was happy to share with you.

So this happy post could have been written like this:

I am so excited it is LinkedIn InDay. I am dreaming big. I am going to pause on my Friday emails and plan out my year ahead.

Instead… it is

consider this a nudge (for you) to pause on those Friday emails… inspiring dream for YOUR year ahead. Time to invest in yourself.

See the difference?

Human beings want to know what you can do for them. Yes, your friends will celebrate your wedding, promotion, sales, new baby. Of course they will. But are you also including posts that help them?

Are you a legal consultant? When was the last time you shared a post that gave some legal tips?

Don’t overthink this. By sharing helpful advice on your area of expertise, your network will start to see you as the EXPERT in your field. They will start to refer people to you.

What happens next?

When you are consistently sharing valuable content on LinkedIn, people start to reach out to you directly. Maybe to connect with you, and eventually, to work with you.

Take this message I received on LinkedIn:

Then, as you stay the course, you might get a message like this:

Take a notepad and start writing down ideas about what you can share on LinkedIn that will help your network. What do you want to be known for? Write your post and then check it for the number of times you say We or Me or I. Re-write it TO your reader.

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