The four parts to my LinkedIn framework

LinkedIn framework

Would you like to start using LinkedIn to grow your network of prospective customers or clients? Have you thought about using LinkedIn to make more sales in your business? If you’d like to start posting content on LinkedIn but aren’t sure what to share, then tune into this episode!

This week on the podcast, I talk about the four key components of the LinkedIn Framework that I teach all my clients. Whether you’re a corporate company looking for a group training session or someone who’s interested in one of my private VIP Intensives, the principle I share today will work for you.


The foundation of everything you do on LinkedIn is your profile. If you want to be useing LinkedIn to your advantage, make sure you don’t have any empty sections in your profile. Instead, use it to showcase your knowledge, your expertise, and your products or services.

The second piece to the LinkedIn framework is your network. Focus on quality rather than quality and aim to connect with potential customers, clients, or collaborators. You want a network that engages with you and that you enjoy interacting with.

The third component of my LinkedIn framework is your content. If you don’t post anything on LinkedIn, people won’t see your profile and will miss the chance to understand what you do.

And last but not least, don’t forget to connect with your network directly by using LinkedIn messenger. Remember – LinkedIn is a professional social media platform, and it’s all about building relationships. So have conversations with your network! If you want your connections to join your email list or book a discovery call with you so you can increase your chances of making a sale or being introduced to the right people, building relationships is the way to do it.

Find out more by tuning into this episode or join us for my FREE training on How to win business on LinkedIn on Wednesday, 30th September 2020 at 6:00 pm (BST).

You will learn…

  1. How to write your LinkedIn profile (including your headline, your About section, and more) to showcase what you want to be known for and improve your chances of being found on LinkedIn.
  2. What connection requests you should send or accept/decline in order to build a network of people who will engage with your content and help you move forward in your business.
  3. How to create content that showcases what you do in business so you can raise your visibility and attract your ideal customers or clients.
  4. How to use LinkedIn messenger to open the doors to building relationships and connecting with the right people in your business.

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