My favourite business apps – Social Bee Podcast Episode 95

My favourite business apps  Are you always looking for ways to save time, be more organised, and keep track of your appointments, ideas, and even your business leads?  In this week’s solo episode, I share the 8 apps (free and paid-for) that I use daily in my business to stay on top of my game. […]

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Social Bee Podcast Episode 62 – slowing down to speed up with Jac Julien

Productivity tips for entrepreneurs with Jac Julien of the Anti-hustle nation podcast

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Why you should be writing regular blog posts in 2018

It’s here… the new year.  We all have so many plans for our business at the turn of the year.  I know I do.   Are you full of ideas,  plans and targets?   How do you keep yourself on track? One thing I am going to do this year, and I hope you can join me […]