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Why would you attend an online summit?

Have you ever been to a business conference? Maybe you booked flights,  caught a train,  stayed in a hotel and when you got there,  met hundreds of likeminded people, networked,  learned and generally had a blast. Well, a virtual summit contains all of the above except you don’t need to book the flight, catch the […]

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Social Bee Podcast Episode 34 – How to set up and run an online summit

This month I wrapped up my first online summit – Raise Your Visibility.  This podcast explains how and why I decided to run an online summit, how I got my speakers on board,  sorted out all the tech, and launched a full three-day summit.   If you would like to access all the training you can […]

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Raising Your Visibility Online Summit

The Social Bee Online Summit is all about helping you to raise your visibility online. Join the Online Summit Here   It’s a three day long virtual summit for entrepreneurs with 16 incredible speakers talking about the different ways to connect with your audience and grow your business. From branding and blogging, to YouTube and […]

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Social Bee Podcast Episode 31- Solo- how to raise your visibility online

This weekon the podcast, I am talking about raising your visibility,   Recently I became one of facebook’s accredited trainers in the program called #SheMeansBusiness.  There are 19 of us in the UK and we’re all going Facebookook in a couple of weeks time to get our proper training. This week I am creating some recordings […]