Social Bee Podcast Ep 103 – building an online coaching business with Sara Moseley

Building an online coaching business with Sara Moseley Have you been thinking about moving your offline business online? Or maybe you’re already selling online and would like to create an online course and start earning semi-passive income? This week on the podcast, I interview Sara Moseley, who is an online business coach who helps people […]

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Digital Products – membership site, online course or group coaching?

Do you have a digital product to sell? Have you built up knowledge about a certain topic that you would like to sell in exchange for money online?  This forms the basis of your first digital product. What digital product is right for you and your business? There are many options availalble. You could write […]

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Social Bee Podcast Episode 21 – SOLO – the building blocks of online business

In this solo episode, I talk about the main building blocks for an online business – creating content,  how to be consistent, how to use social media and how to focus on email marketing. Since I moved to Convertkit,  my email list has increased from approximately 300 to over 1400…  that’s why I am focusing […]

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Build your business online

How do you build a business online?   There are (in my experience)  four main pillars of building your business online.   There are lots and lots of tools, software,  methods but really it all boils down to this: 1. Create your content This can be in many forms – you can create videos with your phone,  […]