Podcast Ep 241: Keep Rocking LinkedIn with Kevin D. Turner

Keep rocking LinkedIn by taking control of your personal branding and exploring the new platform features. In this episode, my guest, Kevin D. Turner, shares invaluable insights on enhancing your LinkedIn profile. Discover the power of making small but impactful changes, leveraging LinkedIn’s AI features, and the power of free resources for your network. How […]

Find Your Ideal Client with Sales Navigator and Effective Searching with Nigel Cliffe

Sales Navigator and Google are two powerful tools in the arsenal of anyone looking to connect with their ideal client on LinkedIn. My guest, Nigel Cliffe, is a LinkedIn trainer who specialises in helping his clients find and grow their target audience on LinkedIn. In this conversation, we’re talking about what Sales Navigator and why […]

LinkedIn Recruiter and Headhunting with Tiina Jarvet

LinkedIn is more than a business-to-business networking site – it’s a powerful tool to take the next step in your career. Companies can use LinkedIn to attract top talent to their vacancies, and job seekers can find significant new roles on the platform. This conversation with LinkedIn recruiter and headhunter Tiina Jarvet gives excellent insight […]

Unlock the Power of LinkedIn and YouTube with Gillian Whitney

YouTube and LinkedIn are such complementary platforms. One YouTube video can become so many different types of content, which makes it accessible to people throughout the world. In this episode, I’m speaking to Gillian Whitney, a live stream specialist, about the power and versatility of YouTube videos. We discuss the many benefits of creating videos […]

Targeted LinkedIn Connections for Business Growth with Fiona Walsh

Connect wisely on LinkedIn for powerful business connections. That’s why my guest, Fiona Walsh, did, and she’s seen a huge increase in business opportunities. After working together, Fiona posted relevant content consistently on LinkedIn, which led to increased engagement, valuable, relevant connections, and paid speaking opportunities. In this episode, she offers advice on securing paid […]

10 ways to use video on LinkedIn – content creation

10 ways you can use video on LinkedIn as content. Video is a fantastic way to connect with your audience. Here at Louise Brogan Ltd, we work with our clients to create pillar video content that can be shared across different platforms. Our focus is on LinkedIn, but the video can also be uploaded onto […]

LinkedIn Live Q&A with Angela Pitter

Join Louise and Angela to find out what’s working, and what’s not, on LinkedIn in 2023 We cover LinkedIn Learning, using AI on LinkedIn, building your personal brand, profiles, LinkedIn for non-profits, Company Page updates and so much more. LinkedIn Live with Angela Pitter – LinkedIn Q&A Summary Angela Pitter is the founder and CEO […]

How to use LinkedIn for attending a conference

When you are taking your team to an industry conference, are you making the most of your presence on LinkedIn? During a recent workshop with an engineering firm who wanted to learn how to use LinkedIn for their business I discovered that one of the key reasons they wanted to understand how to use LinkedIn […]

Add a new website link to your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn have introduced a new feature for the LinkedIn Creator Mode – adding a clickable link to your profile. Where is the new link? The new link is on your Introductory Card – the top part of your LinkedIn Profile: Why is this good? You can customise the text on the link – so you […]