How to edit your LinkedIn personal profile URL

Thumbnail for LinkedIn URL tutorial - blue background with a video showing a mobile screen of LinkedIn and a big yellow swirl

Did you know you can shorten your LinkedIn profile URL? Instead of, I have Much neater! And easier to remember. Who uses their LInkedIn profile URL and where do you put it? Once you have a neat personal profile URL, you can add it to your website, your email signature and even your […]

2024 LinkedIn Benchmarks: Engagement Rate Data and Top-Performing Content

The 2024 LinkedIn benchmark report from SocialInsider shows that LinkedIn has stepped up in the last few years and has become a go-to marketing tool, especially for B2B brands. It’s crucial for marketers to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s hot on LinkedIn and predict what’s coming next. That’s where LinkedIn analytics data […]

8 Thought Leaders who are rocking video on LinkedIn

Video is a powerful personal branding and professional growth tool we should all be making use of. LinkedIn is a prime space for professionals to showcase their expertise and connect with their audience. Adding video to your content calendar helps build your know, like, and trust factor. Video is a great way to show who […]

Maximise Your Professional LinkedIn Presence with Melanie Goodman

Are you a professional looking to make the most of LinkedIn? In this episode, LinkedIn trainer and marketer Melanie Goodman joins me to talk about the world of LinkedIn and how to maximise your LinkedIn presence as a busy professional. We explore the benefits of Sales Navigator, the process for obtaining community Top Voice badges, […]

How to Write for LinkedIn with Lynnaire Johnston

Do you want to write better for your LinkedIn audience? This is the episode for you. I’m joined by professional writer and LinkedIn writing coach, Lynnaire Johnston, to discuss writing for LinkedIn. From the dangers of using AI to write for you to Lynnaire’s personal tips for writing better, we dive into all things writing. […]

Boost Your LinkedIn Prospects with Career Coaching with Sarah Burgess

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to find a new career – if you’re using it right. By updating and optimising your LinkedIn profile, utilising the ‘Open to Work’ option, connecting with the right people, and even investing in career coaching, you can really make LinkedIn work for you. In this episode, I’m joined by LinkedIn […]

How to Create a Content Calendar for LinkedIn

Does the thought of creating content for LinkedIn feel like the most daunting task on your to-do list? We get it. Consistently posting relevant content that establishes you as an industry thought leader can be completely overwhelming. What if we told you there was a pretty simple solution to feeling overloaded? Creating a content calendar […]

LinkedIn with Louise Episode 242 – LinkedIn Ads 101 with AJ Wilcox

LinkedIn Ads have become a powerful tool for companies, but using them to their full potential requires a strategic approach. In this episode, I’m joined by LinkedIn Ads expert AJ Wilcox to discuss the advantages of LinkedIn Ads, how companies can use them to increase their warm and hot leads significantly, the many types of […]

Podcast Ep 241: Keep Rocking LinkedIn with Kevin D. Turner

Keep rocking LinkedIn by taking control of your personal branding and exploring the new platform features. In this episode, my guest, Kevin D. Turner, shares invaluable insights on enhancing your LinkedIn profile. Discover the power of making small but impactful changes, leveraging LinkedIn’s AI features, and the power of free resources for your network. How […]