How to use LinkedIn analytics on your Personal Profile

When you are spending time on social media, you want to know it is paying off. How do you know what is working on LinkedIn, if you are not measuring it? How can you use data to justify investing in learning and leveraging a social media platform? What is your ROI ROI is your ‘return […]

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How to write a great LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your opportunity to show your network who you are, and what you do. But what do you include? How much information do you share? What do you write? When someone clicks on your name on LinkedIn, they are taken to your LinkedIn profile. If you imagine LinkedIn as similar to being […]

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Social Bee Podcast Episode 99 – Building your personal brand on LinkedIn

What is your personal brand and how do you build one on LinkedIn? Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Do you create content and engage on the platform? Have you thought about how you want people to remember you? In this week’s solo episode, I talk about building your personal brand on LinkedIn. I explain […]