Social Bee Podcast Episode 18 – making a living from blogging with Dana Zeliff

I was keen to interview Dana Zeliff when I met her at the Youpreneur Summit in London, November 2017 as she is the first person I’ve met in ‘real life’ who has turned blogging into an actual business. Dana has been living with her family in Nice, France for three years. Dana used to work […]

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Why you should be writing regular blog posts in 2018

It’s here… the new year.  We all have so many plans for our business at the turn of the year.  I know I do.   Are you full of ideas,  plans and targets?   How do you keep yourself on track? One thing I am going to do this year, and I hope you can join me […]

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Social Bee Podcast Episode 9 – Annabelle Needles teaches creative entrepreneurs how to harness the power of video

Annabelle Needles is a video editor for creative adventurers. She specializes in making video production straightforward and fun through a partnership of training and editing services. After eight years in the film and television industry, combined with her own business ownership experience, she’s created a free 5-day email course on the secrets of compelling video […]

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Social Bee Podcast Episode 7 – Mumsback Gift Hampers for New Mums with Sally Bunkham

Sally Bunkham started Mumsback after the birth of her two children when she realised that although you get lots of gifts for the babies, the mum deserves a little treat too! Sally has appeared several times on the television, radio and in the press talking about motherhood, mental health (including her experience of PND) and the […]


How to find out if your business idea will work

When you have a business idea, the first thing you have to ask yourself is ‘ will my business work?’   When you start a business, you need two things – something to sell, and someone to sell it to. Usually the thing you are going to sell is a product or a service.   […]

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What I have learned in my first full time year in business

I left my part time job in August 2015 to concentrate on working for myself and building my business.   I was delighted to join a business accelerator in Belfast, Entrepreneurial Spark,  in February of this year, and I have learned a LOT in the time since.  I thought it would be helpful to others […]

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Taking the first step

I listen to podcasts ALL the time… I find them inspirational, educational and I can fit them into my life – walking the dog, going for a run or driving in the car in between meetings and picking up the kids. I have abandoned the car radio.. (sorry Women’s Hour and Kerry McLean…) Today I […]