Cooking up your LinkedIn Content

I love to cook.   Preferably from scratch.  My favourite things to cook are usually vegetarian, often with an Asian flavour – think curries, stir fries but also a good old lasagne or even a roast chicken dinner. We don’t always have time to cook from scratch though.   During a busy mid week, you […]

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How to get noticed on LinkedIn

LinkedIn announced, on their marketing blog, that content shared on the platform increased by 60% between March 2019 and March 2020. Not all content shared is equal however. How can you share content that raises your visibility on LinkedIn? As a platform, LinkedIn are pretty clear that they want their members to have discussions around […]

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What type of content posts can you create on LinkedIn?

A breakdown of the different post types There are multiple different options for creating posts on LinkedIn includingStatus Update Celebrate a teammate Give kudos Simple text post Sharing an article Uploading a video Uploading a document Sharing a photo Sharing a blogpost  Initially when you log in to LinkedIn, you are presented with two options […]

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7 Ways to grow your audience online

How do you start to grow your audience online? When you want to launch a business there are many pieces of the puzzle to think about.  For example,  have you thought about branding, what your product looks like, who is going to buy it,  where will you sell it,  what will be the cost of creating […]

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How to create content for your social media consistently

          If you are building a business online,  you need to consistently create content to share with your audience. Why? Creating your own content raises your profile –  you will have something to share with your audience on your own social media platforms Creating your own content shows you know your […]


Social Bee Podcast Episode 39 – Amy Woods of Content10x

Amy Woods is the owner of Content10x, a business specialising in taking content created by a business, and repurposing it to fit across multiple platforms. Amy spent over a decade working in management consultancy before moving into online business. Content10x is a fast growing business, with a team based all over the globe. We talk […]