Podcast Episode 201: What is Employee Verification on LinkedIn?

Employee Verification on LinkedIn – how can you verify your employees for your Company Page? How many company page employees do you need, in order to have access to the My Company tab? What is the My Company tab? Tune into the podcast to find out more – plus why anyone can say they work […]

LinkedIn Company Pages – 6 ways to involve your employees

Want more people to engage with your LinkedIn company page? Wondering how your employees can help? In this article, you’ll discover how to create a LinkedIn company page strategy for more exposure and engagement. Why Employee Engagement Matters to Your Company Page While LinkedIn company pages are great for showcasing products and services and providing insight into […]

Three reasons you need a Company Page on LinkedIn

If you have a business and are using LinkedIn for marketing, then it is time to create your Company Page. Why should businesses have a Company Page? What is the difference between the company page and your personal profile? Let’s dig in. On LinkedIn, which is a professional social media networking site, your personal profile […]