3 Simple Steps to Boost your Blog’s Google Rank

There’s no doubt; slogging away for hours over a blog only to watch it sink without a trace is pretty soul destroying. But all is not lost! Here’s an easy 3-step process to improve your content’s SEO and get it to rank higher. Guest blog by Lucie Gill There was a time when it all […]

15 ways to start blog writing

When you are building a business online, one of the key ways to get traffic to your website, is by writing regular blog posts. It can be tricky though coming up with ideas on what to write about! The more often you write your blog, the quicker you will get at it. So here are […]

How to create content for your social media consistently

create content for online business, entrepreneurs, online business

          If you are building a business online,  you need to consistently create content to share with your audience. Why? Creating your own content raises your profile –  you will have something to share with your audience on your own social media platforms Creating your own content shows you know your […]

How the curse of knowledge is holding back your marketing

curse of knowledge, women entrepreneurs, content marketing, blog, raise profile online

If we met at a local networking event,  how would you describe what you do in your business? When I see articles and interviews that use jargon and technical terms that apply to the person’s own field of expertise,  my heart sinks.   If you are trying to attract your ideal client to your business,  what […]