How are you using social media to raise the profile of your business?

How are you using social media to raise the profile of your business?

Chances are, like many small businesses, you have a Facebook page.   Maybe you have a page that you don’t actually post on very much.   Maybe you get fed up posting on your page because no one is actually responding to your posts.

Do you blame the ‘algorithm’ from stopping people seeing your posts?

Let’s stop there.

  • Why are you using social media?
  • How did you decide which social media platforms to use?
  • Who are you trying to reach with your social media?
  • What are you going to say on your accounts?
  • Have you thought about any or all of the above?

which social media platform to use

When I start working with clients,  the first thing we need to get clear on, is the strategy.  This means working out why you are using social media,  what platforms your customers are on, who you are actually trying to reach,  and what your message will be.

For example –

An accountant who wants to grow their network within the same industry is more likely to find this network on LinkedIn or Twitter

A handbag designer looking to connect with potential customers will be better spending their time on Instagram and Pinterest.

Find out who your client is, and where they hang out online.  Then focus your own time and energy there.

I find my one to one clients mainly on Facebook, and my workshop clients are more likely to come through LinkedIn.  So I spend time sharing entertaining, engaging, thought-provoking posts on both those platforms, but each with a slightly different message.

My own reach on Facebook increases every week.  All of the ‘in real time’ posts get engagement.   The scheduled posts are often given ‘likes’  or sometimes comments, but the real engagement happens when I am posting new or fresh content.

Simple Ways to Grow your Social Media

  • provide Engaging,  Entertaining,  Educational posts for your audience

  • ask their opinions

  • show a bit of personality

  • build up your connections

  • respond to EVERY comment

What about outsourcing?

Not everyone has the time or inclination to invest effort in building up their social media networks.   If this is you, maybe its time to outsource your social media.  If you are going to outsource,  do your investigations.  Make sure the person you hire has experience,  and they understand what your business is, and who you are trying to connect with.   Use a trial period to see if you both work well together.  Make sure you keep an eye on what the social media is doing and how it is performing.  Provide your social media manager with information about the business, news, events,  topical information.

The key point is,  you need to understand WHY you are using social media, what your core messages are, who you are trying to connect with, and what platform will work best for your business to do that.

To get you started, grab a copy of my Social Media Strategy template here