Social Bee Podcast – memberships and PR with Charlotte Moore of Smoothie PR

Charlotte Moore worked as a copywriter in digital marketing for 10 years before finding her niche in the food world. Having spoken to hundreds of small business foodies, she realised that they have the least amount of time and money but need the most amount of help, so she created The Smoothie Bar. This monthly membership helps foodpreneurs to do their own PR in 10 mins a day for only £49pm, which solves both their time and budget issues. Her members have had enormous success and have appeared in big media names including the Telegraph, BBC (TV & magazines), Metro, Top Santé, Evening Standard, Woman, the Independent and many more.

In this podcast episode, we talk about starting and growing a membership, how Charlotte got into business for herself, and how she helps other foodies to promote themselves.


T: @SmoothiePR
I: @smoothiepr


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