Social Bee Podcast Episode Ep 105 – Creating video content on social media with mortgage broker Ash Borland

Social Bee Podcast with Ash Borland

Creating video content on social media with mortgage broker Ash Borland 

Is the way you’re currently marketing your business on social media working for you?

Are you looking for a way to build your business through video content on LinkedIn and other social media platforms?

This week on the podcast, I interview mortgage broker Ash Borland. Ash is a home buyer specialist who helps first-time buyers and homeowners buy a new property. Like most of us, Ash had been using social media for a while as a way to market his service-based business. But he recently realised that ‘nurturing’ his social media audience into becoming paying customers wasn’t going to work for his business – you either need his services right now, or you don’t. And once you’ve bought a properly, you’re unlikely to need a mortgage broker again for years, if ever! 

So Ash decided to try something else and offer value in a different way. With a background in performing arts, Ash started to create and share videos to help business owners to become more confident and comfortable in front of a camera. While Ash isn’t (yet) monetising his knowledge and advice on video creation, by consistently creating valuable content aimed at a wider audience, he’s seen an increase in recommendations, enquiries, and sales for his mortgage-related services. 

Ash’s story is the perfect example of doing something different on social media – something that makes you stand out from the crowd – and this episode is definitely worth a listen! 

You will learn…

  1. Why you might need to re-evaluate what type of content you create on social media and ‘think outside the box’ if your business-related posts aren’t currently generating enough engagement. 
  2. Why providing entertainment is key to getting people to enjoy and engage with your video content. 
  3. What online streaming is and how you can monetise it. 

About Ash

If you’d like to connect with Ash, you can find him on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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