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Social Bee Podcast Episode 62 – slowing down to speed up with Jac Julien

Productivity tips for entrepreneurs with Jac Julien of the Anti-hustle nation podcast

Do you work well under pressure? 

Do you find it easier to meet external deadlines but feel you could do better at meeting the deadlines you set for your own business? 

How do you find organisation tools and apps?  

In today’s episode, I interview Jac Julien, who helps entrepreneurs work smarter and get more done. Productivity is such a great issues for business owners, and so many factors are at play when it comes to getting things done for our businesses. Are we more productive when we work from home, or do we work better in an office? Social media channels are great for growing our online communities and businesses, but how do you stop yourself from ending up in rabbit hole, wasting hours out of your precious day? Jac helps us find the answer to these are more questions around productivity, handling distractions, and finding tools to help us stay on track, focus, and remain organised to make sure we achieve the goals we set for ourselves and our businesses.  

You will learn…

  1. Why different systems and productivity tools work for some people and not for others.
  2. Why giving yourself a limited time to complete a particular task can help you achieve your deadlines more consistently.
  3. How to organise your endless to-do list to make sure you focus on the most important tasks and get those done first. 

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