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Social Bee Podcast Episode 61 – how to find clients as a Chief Financial Officer with Hannah Smolinksi

Hannah Smolinski is a Chief Financial Officer in Seattle, Washington.  Only she doesn’t work for one big corporate, she works as CFO for businesses like yours and mine!

If your business is growing, you don’t want to spend hours figuring out your bookkeeping, profit-making, or where you can save money in your business. You would be better to outsource and invest in a CFO who can look at your accounts, your decisions and give you the best advice on growing your business going forward.

Hannah is the founder and CEO of BrightenUp Financial. Hannah began her career  in Big-4 public accounting as an auditor and then left to pursue a financial leadership position for a small business. She noticed that small businesses were not getting strategic financial support from the financial services typically offered to small business (i.e. bookkeepers and tax accountants). In response to her observations, Hannah began BrightenUp Financial to help small business owners with the financial strategy, planning, and advice through CFO services that can help their businesses thrive, not just survive.

Hannah and I talk about the role of a CFO, and how she finds clients online, offline and networking.



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