Social Bee Podcast Episode 40 – Dr Kathrine McAleese on niching down to build a global business

Social Bee podcast with Dr.Kathrine, episode 40.


Dr Kathrine McAleese of Mind to Win joins me on the podcast this week.  Kathrine has built a business attracting a global audience by niching down to a very focused subject.


Kathrine helps clients with their mental performance to improve results, success and goal achievement.  The niche that Kathrine works in, is for trainers of champion dogs in agility.
Past and current clients have already excelled at world, national and local levels.

“My passion is to help people recognize and achieve their potential. My goal is to tailor everything I do to the individual clients I work with- no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. I aim to help every client achieve lasting change.”


You can find Kathrine here

Facebook: DrKathrine
Instagram @DrKathrine
Podcast: www.TheFeisty.Life

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