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Podcast Episode 38 -talking EthicalHour with Sian Conway

Sian Conway was working in corporate marketing for a cyber security software company. She took some time out to travel,  came across some artisan crafters in Cambodia which eventually led to a life-changing decistion to quit corporate start her own business.  Sian now runs a business based around ethical and sustainable living.

Sian runs #EthicalHour on Twitter, a weekly Twitter chat for people who are involved in or interested in sustainable and ethical business/living. We had a wonderful chat about Sian’s journey so far, and how social media should be about going out and finding your tribe and building those relationships and then the rest will come.   Please do let me know your thoughts on this podcast episode and feel free to share it with one person who you think might find it interesting! 







You can find out more about Sian and her business at

Ethical Hour Website

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