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Social Bee Podcast Episode 31- Solo- how to raise your visibility online

This weekon the podcast, I am talking about raising your visibility,   Recently I became one of facebook’s accredited trainers in the program called #SheMeansBusiness.  There are 19 of us in the UK and we’re all going Facebookook in a couple of weeks time to get our proper training.

This week I am creating some recordings to participate in my first ever online summit. So, which is really bringing me to what I wanted to talk to you about today, online summits.  I have decided to host my own online summit and the title of it is the Social Bee Online Summit to Raise your Visibility online.

First of all, what is an online summit? An online summit like going to a conference and listening to experts speak on the stage except you do it from the comfort of your own home. So I have got together 14 guest experts

It’s going to run over three days. You have to sign up for it in order to get access to the training. It is completely free.

When you sign up, each day you will be sent a link to that day’s training.  I will have between three and four expert trainings each day and you will have access to that training for 48 hours.

The purpose of this is to really help you with the different ways that you can raise the visibility of yourself as a business owner and to raise your business profile online.

We are looking at topics such as how to blog, raise your profile by blogging, how to build your brand online, what is a brand, personal branding,  and how to use various social media platforms to raise your profile.  There are lots and lots of ways to raise your visibility.  I thought that it would be really lovely to get these women together to bring this training to my audience.

The summit starts on Monday, the 21st of May and runs for three days.  You can join it here

We will also be having lots of conversations about the topics inside the Social Beehive, so please do join us there.


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