Social Bee Podcast Episode 18 – making a living from blogging with Dana Zeliff

I was keen to interview Dana Zeliff when I met her at the Youpreneur Summit in London, November 2017 as she is the first person I’ve met in ‘real life’ who has turned blogging into an actual business.

Dana has been living with her family in Nice, France for three years. Dana used to work in the accounting department of a construction company.   As a side hustle, she began blogging about how to save money using coupons. Using ads, affiliate marketing and Pinterest, Dana turned her blog into a business, with 200k followers every month.

Dana now blogs about travelling with her family, and has written a family guide to Nice. We talk about the key steps to blogging,  keywords,  social media, connecting with other entrepreneurs, using Pinterest boards,  groups and more.

You can find Dana online at

and her family guide to Nice can be found here

One reply on “Social Bee Podcast Episode 18 – making a living from blogging with Dana Zeliff”

Great Episode! Loved hearing about Dana’s business and international life 🙂 Didn’t know about pinterest groups, and facebook groups for pinterest groups (!), so learnt something new there!

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