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Social Bee Podcast Episode 12 – Planning for 2018


In this solo episode, I talk about how to plan your way ahead for 2018.  Starting with a review of your efforts in 2017 and how important it is to look at your analytics. Then looking at what you actually enjoyed most about your business in the past year, and where your revenue came from – marrying up the two and planning your best foot forward for next year.

I also cover how your blog becomes the heart of your content marketing online,  and how important it is to start building an email list.  If you want to try out Convertkit,  click here

The main points for moving forward are;

1.Identify your audience

2.Decide which two social media platforms you will spend the most time on

3.Start your blog

4.Outline your topics for the next three months

5.Break those topics down into sub-topics

Keep an eye on your analytics,  and sign up for the Social Bee Academy for accountability and keep your business moving forward!

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One reply on “Social Bee Podcast Episode 12 – Planning for 2018”

Thanks Louise, great content in this podcast, very inspiring.
PS I would like someone to tell me how grow herbs successfully!

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