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Small businesses talk Twitter on #AntrimHour

Our Twitter Chat on 12 September 2016 with #AntrimHour revolved around how business owners use Twitter as part of their social media marketing.   We had a series of questions asked in 15 minute intervals and lots of good responses from our regulars as seen below.

Question 1 – How often do you check your Twitter account?

Twitter Hour Q1

Our tweeters answers started from twice a day upwards – with @Sensei admitting its probably too many times to count..     Some of the answers used apps such as SproutSocial or Buffer to manage their tweets, and others admit they are starting to use Twitter more often now, to network with like-minded people and businesses.    @LKBelfast say they are on Twitter all the time so you have probably come across them!


Q2.  Why do you think your business should be on Twitter?

A brilliant set of answers –  from providing customer support, communication,  driving traffic to websites and supporting other businesses.   Some of our followers use Twitter to keep their clients and customers up to date, and others use it to showcase what services they can provide.

@SkeltonCallend1 , a newly opened solicitors firm in Co.Antrim say they use Twitter as’ it provides greater exposure to potential clients or complimentary business that could work together with you’   where @AcresWonderland, a craft blogger, says ‘Twitter gives businesses the opportunity to give and receive direct feedback and communication to customers and clients ‘


Q3.  How do you use Twitter to grow your following?

This question sparked some great answers – and a few warnings!   @SenseiHello warn against buying followers on this or any platform – ‘Yes, we do (grow our followers) , but organically. Nothing more idiotic than buying followers on any network’ .   Our support partners, @MalluskInfo said they get ‘lots of likes, retweets, interaction on #Twitter and actively promote our Twitter page via website and emails’.     Here are some more great tips on using twitter to grow your followers –

@Breckenhill –  grow followers by tagging, joining these #hours and following interesting people!

@LyndaWillisNI tweeted – ‘ By joining some of the brilliant #twitterhours like #AntrimHour regularly. Usually get more followers if I’m not too boring’  (no one in Antrim Hour is boring Lynda, #justsaying)

And we had some flattering responses from @StealthTrans and @SkeltonCallendar1

  • network with lovely folks like yourself and by hosting #export_hour
  • be charming of course lol I think engagement in networking like this is key

We ended with a question asking for top recommendations for Twitter accounts to follow and received these recommendations:

What accounts do you recommend on Twitter?
What accounts do you recommend on Twitter?
A4 @PBS2TheRescue of course and @MalluskInfo and everyone on #antrimhour
A4 @YE_NI #charity @TheBookReserve #socialenterprise and @AntrimJets #local sports team #AntrimHour
A4. @TheoPaphitis (take part in #SBS on Sunday’s), @Export_hour and @BelfastHourNI
A4 @Gilchrist_LLP @whatsonni and @BlurtAlerts. @Antrim_hr @socialBeeNI
@breatheHR @LittleShopofHRs

A4. The 3 accounts we reccommend you follow on Twitter would have to be @mbmcgrady @McGradyIns and @RNNComms
A4  we recommend @socialBeeNI @ANBorough @AntrimEnterpris
A4. We follow @kimgarst #BoomSocial @MadalynSklar #twittersmarter and of course our supporters @MalluskInfo #antrimhour


So I hope you enjoyed this Twitter roundup from Antrim Hour – next time will the topic will be Tips for Starting a business.   Catch you on #AntrimHour at 8pm GMT on Monday Nights.

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