Seven Ways to Grow Your Company’s LinkedIn Page

Seven Ways to Grow Your Company’s LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn is all about business. Connecting with business leaders, establishing your personal authority, and growing awareness of your company.

Creating a company page is essential in building your company’s LinkedIn presence. But what do you do once it’s there? You grow it and create more brand awareness.

Why do you need a LinkedIn Company Page

Here are seven ways to start growing your company’s LinkedIn page today.

1. Optimise Your Company LinkedIn Page

Before you can start looking at other ways to grow your company’s LinkedIn page, you must ensure that you’ve optimised it.

Set your page up for success, as LinkedIn says, and complete all the recommended steps. This includes a thorough about section, profile picture and header, and other relevant information. You can find more information about optimising your company page in one of our earlier articles, Top Five Ways Companies Can Leverage LinkedIn.

Once your page is ready for people to view, start actively inviting your connections to follow the page. On the right hand column on your Page, you will see a prompt that gives your credits to invite up to 100 connections every month (or 250 credits once your page is more established). This will refresh on the 1st of every month so you can consistently invite people to grow your page following.

We recommend adding your company to your personal profile’s experience section and encouraging your team members to do this. When you and your employees are active on LinkedIn, this experience connection shows up, boosting your company page’s visibility.

Finally, consider adding external links to your company’s LinkedIn page. The best places are right on your company’s website, with your other social media account connections, and your email signature.

2. Post Consistent Content

Consider your branded content. If you post custom social media images, keep them consistent with your brand colours and logo. Being easily recognisable throughout LinkedIn is a great way to grow your business page.

You also want to keep your brand tone consistent. Do you already have a style guide for your business? This is a document that is essentially the operating manual for your brand. It consists of your language, the tone of voice you communicate in, and all the other ways your brand should look and sound online. If you don’t already have one, we’d recommend developing one to help keep your LinkedIn content consistent.

3. Be a Relevant Resource for Your Audience

At its heart, LinkedIn is a social media platform for business-to-business networking. To encourage an audience to follow your company’s LinkedIn page, you want to contribute to those conversations.

Post relevant, reliable, and exciting content that relates to your business. Company updates, client testimonials, industry news, detailed information about your working process, client highlights, and many other subjects make great and informative LinkedIn posts. If you’re linking to an external article, ensure it’s relevant to your industry and fact-checked.

Finally, create a posting schedule that works for you. Consistently showing up at least once weekly will boost your company page’s engagement.

4. Host Regular Live Video or Audio Events

Another great way to grow your company’s LinkedIn page is to host regular live video or audio-only events. 

These events are perfect for engaging in live audio or video conversations. You can use live video to create events that help build your subject matter authority. Similarly, audio events can have multiple people join to discuss, podcast-style, subjects that matter to your industry.

Create these events with or without the RSVP function to attract as many people to your event as possible. You can also choose to gate your event and collect soft leads with a registration form. 

What is a LinkedIn Audio Event?

5. Be Engaging and Responsive

One of the reasons you’re posting content on LinkedIn is to receive comments and shares on that content.

It’s easy to overlook these comments and shares as unimportant when it’s the opposite. The people who take the time to comment on your posts are part of your primary audience.

Acknowledge and reply to many of the comments you get. Engage with your audience as much as possible. We know that not all comments are created equally, however we recommend you respond to every single one.

LinkedIn members are way more likely to follow a company page that actively engages with the community around it.

Start commenting as your Page on relevant content on LinkedIn.


When you see a relevant post on LinkedIn, in the comments box, at the left hand side, toggle the profile photo to switch to your Page and leave the comment as your Page.

Screenshot from LinkedIn to comment as your page

Why? Now when other people who are also interested in this topic, are reading the comments, they come across your Company Page which leads to more awareness and more visibility of your company on LinkedIn.

Here’s how the comment from your Page looks:

6. Encourage Employees Activity

Your employees are one of your most valuable assets.

Encourage them to get active on LinkedIn and represent your company positively. Ask them to engage with your company page posts by commenting on them and sharing them with their connections, and always add their thoughts.

In fact, we think that employee engagement is so essential on LinkedIn that we wrote an entire blog post on it. Check out our post How We Encourage Your Team to Market Your Company on LinkedIn.

7. Engage with Industry Thought Leaders 

Our last tip is all about connecting with the other thought leaders in your industry.

If you’ve recently listened to a podcast or read a blog they were featured in – share that with your audience and mention them in your post. If you’re linking an article from a well-respected publication – tag the publication in your post. Have you recently connected with other businesses or leaders? Write a post that mentions them, too.

By engaging with other industry thought leaders in this way, your company page has a higher chance of getting in front of their network when they share your posts with their connections.


Growing your company’s page is a fun challenge that will improve your experience on LinkedIn. Establishing your company as an authority in your industry is rewarding and can help you establish more leads – the ultimate goal of most businesses.

If you think this all sounds great but you don’t have the time or commitment to do it yourself, we can help. Contact our team to ask about our monthly LinkedIn management packages.