Find Your Ideal Client with Sales Navigator and Effective Searching with Nigel Cliffe

Sales Navigator and Google are two powerful tools in the arsenal of anyone looking to connect with their ideal client on LinkedIn. My guest, Nigel Cliffe, is a LinkedIn trainer who specialises in helping his clients find and grow their target audience on LinkedIn. In this conversation, we’re talking about what Sales Navigator and why you would use it, how much dedication it needs, and why Google is a better search engine for finding your ideal clients on LinkedIn.

Use LinkedIn’s Built-In Algorithm to Find Your Target Audience

  1. Update your profile with your keywords
  2. Write about what you’re known for, including keywords
  3. LinkedIn puts your content in front of your target audience

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About Nigel Cliffe

Nigel Cliffe is a LinkedIn trainer, coach, mentor, and consultant who helps his clients identify, research, qualify, connect, nurture, engage, and convert business opportunities through LinkedIn.

Nigel has seen the success that LinkedIn can have on people’s businesses and careers. He’s also seen what a waste of time LinkedIn can be for people if they don’t have the right strategy in place.

Over the past decade, Nigel has helped over 10,000 people learn the knowledge, skills, and habits they need to be successful with LinkedIn.

Using Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a tool that lets you collect, navigate, and sort different types of people on LinkedIn. In the right hands, it’s a very valuable tool to help grow and connect with your target audience. Nigel Cliffe explains how to use Sales Navigator to find your audience and then have LinkedIn send you new leads who match your criteria each week.

However, in order to be an effective tool, Sales Navigator takes serious commitment. Users need to dedicate around two hours every day to using the tool, and they also need to commit to using it regularly. Nigel says it’s not a tool that you can just dip your toe into and expect success.

Search Engines and LinkedIn

According to Nigel, using Google is a more effective way to find your ideal clients on LinkedIn. As a search engine, Google allows you to filter words and phrases with an effectiveness that doesn’t exist on LinkedIn. 

This allows you to finesse your search criteria and find the exact right people in your target audience. From here, Nigel recommends building a list with this data and connecting to your audience on LinkedIn. 

Google and LinkedIn searches pick up the keywords that exist in someone’s LinkedIn profile. Industries, job titles, experience, and other target keywords filtered through profile information and someone’s about section all contribute to being effectively discovered on LinkedIn.

Call to Action

Do you utilise Sales Navigator to find leads? How have you used Google to find your target audience? I’d love to hear about how these tools have helped you connect with your ideal clients in the comments on the episode page.


“In the right hands and with the right purpose, [Sales Navigator] is a very valuable tool.” [10:03]

“Know where you’re going before you start. If you use [Sales Navigator] for a very specific outcome, particularly around business development and relationship building, then you can make very good use of Sales Navigator if you’re very targeted about it. Just be careful about dipping your toe if you’re a little bit unstructured in how you think and how you work and if you’re not going to spend a lot of time on LinkedIn doing it.” [11:56]

“If you’re tracking lots of people as leads and you want to nurture those relationships with a little more finesse than LinkedIn does, it gives you some very useful tools to do that.” [14:32]

“If I know something unique about my target audience beyond the generic descriptors, I can use Google to search for filters on words and phrases that simply don’t exist in any tool belonging to LinkedIn but can be broken out in Google search to find that target audience with much more incisiveness.” [18:37]

“If you pursue this goal correctly and you know exactly what they want, they’ve got to be interested in you. It’s their responsibility to be interested in what you do.” [27:38]

In This Episode

  • What Sales Navigator is, and why you would use it [6:15]
  • How much time you need to dedicate to Sales Navigator each day [10:15]
  • How much Sales Navigator costs [15:15]
  • Why Google is a better search engine to find people on LinkedIn [24:00]
  • How to use Google to create a list of people you’d like to work with the most [25:00]
  • How LinkedIn puts your content in front of your target audience [28:00]

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