Running a Virtual Assistant business with Claire Grace – Episode 90

Running a Virtual Assistant business with associate team members with Claire Grace

running a VA business podcast with Claire Grace

Have you ever thought about hiring a Virtual Assistant to support you in your business? 

Could hiring a Virtual Assistant save you time AND money? 

In this week’s episode, I interview Claire Grace, who is the founder and CEO of a Virtual Assistant business that supports female entrepreneurs. Whether you’re looking for ongoing support to manage your workload or help with a one-off project or event, Claire and her team have got you covered. Claire also supports female business owners with social media strategy and as an Online Business Manager, who is someone who helps you co-ordinate operations, projects, and people in your business. In this interview, Claire shares her experience of starting her own Virtual Assistant business after an ‘accidental’ 15-year-old career in banking. Specifically, we talk about the choices that Claire made when starting her business and why she opted for an associate business model, rather than working as a solopreneur. 

You will learn…

  1. What a Virtual Assistant is and how they can help you in your business (because it’s not just about getting ‘stuff’ off your to-do list!). 
  2. Why creating a team of trusted associates who help you in your business isn’t just a great benefit to you but to your clients as well. 
  3. Why open communication and building honest relationships are key when you’re starting out in business. 

More about Claire

You can find Claire on her website, on Facebook and Instagram. Here’s the link to Claire’s Virtual Assistant ROI Calculator

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