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The top five reasons your business should be on Instagram

The top five reasons your business should be on Instagram:

As a business it is always important to stay ahead and the hottest way to keep up with consumer trends nowadays is Instagram. If you provide a product or service which lends itself to visual marketing, this is one advertising tool you’ve got to have and fast.

Instagram Top Tips


 In today’s social media driven society, it is easy for businesses to get lost in the midst of media platforms and how to use them. Between Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on, we are all spoilt for choice. However, the trick is to keep up to date with the most suitable platforms for your business and how to use them to your full advantage.


Visual marketing:

One of the main reasons for Instagram’s surge in popularity is its fantastic visual marketing opportunities. Consumers have become very reliant on ‘rich media,’ the availability of checking out what a company has to offer through the use of photos and videos. What this means is instead of having to verbally persuade potential consumers that your business is best, Instagram does this for you through the use of fabulous visual imagery.


The use of photo editing:

With Instagram’s wide variety of editing tools, you can  market products in a professional way without spending a penny. Businesses can market and show off the full benefit of their products in a subtle way that still catches the audience’s eye. When it comes to selling a service or product, a strong visual presentation is one of the most important aspects and having the most advanced optimisation and editing tools than any other social media platform, Instagram is definitely a winner.

Instagram Editing


Perfect for sharing globally:

The beauty of Instagram is that it is designed solely for mobile devices. This means that posting photos and videos is quick and easy, while still allowing for high engagement between people. It can also be linked to Facebook, which means that when you post it, the image will automatically goes onto your Facebook Instagram feed,  doubling amount of views, shares and interaction.


Gives your business personality:

Whether it’s a fun Friday at the office, a business trip somewhere exotic or a new product being launched, Instagram gives you the opportunity to show off all the best bits of your company’s life and add personality that will in turn make you more appealing to potential consumers. It really is the perfect place to show what your business stands for and why the public should care for it.


So now you know, as well as being one of the highest online marketing tools in today’s day and age. Instagram is also free, quick to use and allows you to engage with people from all over the world, with just the click of a button.

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