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Social Bee Podcast Ep 19 – building a bloggers network with Melissa Hartfiel

Melissa opens up about the reality of building your own business – simply putting one foot in front of other. Getting up in the morning and knowing that you have control over your own day and the satisfaction that comes with the flexibility of entrepreneurship.

Six years after starting, Food Bloggers of Canada now has over 2000 members who connect, network and find resources to expand their blogging knowledge.

We talk about managing a membership the size of FBC,  from the team of contributors to the day to day issues inside the groups.   Also, Melissa is refreshingly honest about how much work it takes to build a business online –

“the first thing to remember is that it doesn’t happen overnight. It is very, very slow process and I know when you see people on social media, it can sort of seem like people came out of nowhere and they’ve got thousands or tens of thousands of followers and they didn’t start out with like that. It really is. It’s just a very slow and steady process”

You can find Melissa (and lots of gorgeous Canadian food!!) here


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