Unlocking LinkedIn Expert Insights with Mark Williams – Podcast episode 246

Join Louise Brogan and Mark Williams in a discussion on how to use LInkedIn in 2024

Mark Williams (commonly known as ‘Mr LinkedIn) is widely regarded as one of the world’s
top LinkedIn experts.
Following a career spanning 20 years in the recruitment industry Mark set up ETN
LinkedIn training in 2008. Since then he has trained thousands of LinkedIn users from a
diverse range of industries and roles.
He is also an accomplished keynote speaker, author and award winning podcaster with his
popular weekly show ‘LinkedInformed’.
Mark’s passion for his niche subject shines through as he enthusiastically demonstrates
why LinkedIn is such a key business tool.

Mark shares his journey from a 20-year career in recruitment to becoming a leading voice on leveraging LinkedIn for business development and networking. He debunks common misconceptions about the platform and emphasizes its value beyond just recruitment. Join us as we explore Mark’s insights on the evolution of LinkedIn, its untapped potential for professional growth, and the importance of understanding its nuances for effective use today.

We dive into the challenges younger professionals face when engaging on LinkedIn. Mark highlights a common concern: the apprehension among the youth about what to contribute, stemming from a perceived lack of experience. He debunks this myth by emphasizing the value of opinions and curiosity over experience. Mark encourages younger users to initiate conversations, ask questions, and be visible on the platform, illustrating that engagement is not as daunting as it seems. Furthermore, the discussion touches on the psychological hurdle of posting for the first time, sharing personal anecdotes to reassure listeners that taking the first step is the key to overcoming fear. This episode offers practical advice for younger LinkedIn users to become more active and confident in navigating professional networking online.

LinkedIn – http://linkedin.com/in/mrlinkedin
Email – mark@linkedinformed.com

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