Podcast Ep 229 – LinkedIn for Lawyers with Paula Price

PodcastEp 229 – LinkedIn for Lawyers with Paula Price


  • Podcast begins.0:05
    • Get a head start on your LinkedIn activity this year by joining the LinkedIn mastermind starting in September 2023.
    • Today’s guest is Paula Price from Canada.
  • Introduction to Paula.1:34
    • Paula is a lawyer turned coach for lawyers. She helps lawyers with all sorts of transitions and goals that they want to achieve.
    • Her podcast, Joyful Practice for Women Lawyers.
    • Louise wants people to know that there is help for them and that they are not alone if they are experiencing these types of challenges.
    • How to raise your profile on LinkedIn.
  • Why linkedin is a social platform.5:24
    • LinkedIn is a social platform for connection and community. There are three reasons why people go to LinkedIn.
    • LinkedIn is like going to an industry event or a networking event, and it is a virtual replication of real life interactions.
    • The first thing to do if you want to be seen on LinkedIn is to see whose posts resonate with you and see what you would want to comment or like on.
    • Paula gives an example of how a real-life example of this happened to him.
  • How to share your expertise.10:59
    • Sharing expertise, providing updates on new immigration laws, providing information about updates to workplace laws or developing new skills.
    • Sharing industry- adjacent causes that come along, such as mental health during the pandemic, is a really relevant topic to post on LinkedIn.
    • Raise your profile by figuring out why you’re there in the first place and how you can share and showcase your expertise and offer value to people.
    • Get in front of or in community with other lawyers who might be interested in your work.
  • What are the pitfalls of linkedin?16:21
    • Paula was at a local conference and a friend of hers was speaking at it. She posted pictures of her online.
    • Paula shares some of the pitfalls people should avoid using LinkedIn.
    • The first pitfall is posting too much about yourself, because it can make people feel inadequate. There is something about over posting, and it can happen.
    • There is a fine line, and you probably don’t want to overshare. Be careful if you’re okay with that being part of your persona.
  • How to deal with negative linkedin posts.19:52
    • There are two examples of negative LinkedIn posts, one of which was a picture of a lady who looked like a model in the LinkedIn catalogue.
    • People need to remember paula.
    • LinkedIn is a professional platform, and putting forward a professional persona is important. Be mindful of the impact that you are having on other people.
    • LinkedIn is not a dating site.
  • Do lawyers need to be on linkedin all the time?24:12
    • The importance of following up on the message that you’re trying to send
    • The difference between LinkedIn and Facebook.
    • Louise gets asked if she is on LinkedIn all the time, and she says yes to things quickly, thinking them through, and trying to train herself to think them through.
    • Louise has a consistent practice of posting on LinkedIn once a week, and a podcast once or twice a week.
    • The algorithm of LinkedIn is part of who sees what, when, and so there is an effect that they see more of what he is doing on LinkedIn relative to how he is physically connecting with the interface of LinkedIn.
    • Sometimes you might give up too soon and not respond quickly.
  • How to be more organised.29:57
    • Paula thinks answering questions in the moment would be more efficient, but at the same time, it does feel like a lot of work.
    • Paula finds it baffling that people will accept a connection request and not respond to the message at all.
    • There is a disconnect between the virtual world and the real world. Louise went to a conference in the spring where she had the opportunity to meet people in person, and it was fascinating and lovely.
    • The virtual world has a lot more information about how people are consuming their social media and what else is going on in that given moment versus real life.
  • The oddest zoom call I ever had.36:13
    • A year ago, paula had the oddest zoom call she ever had. It was a senior person in a globally recognised financial company, excited about LinkedIn training for everyone in his department.
    • Good stories of women lawyers using LinkedIn to elevate their professional profile and help them in their career.
    • Elisa Davies is a lawyer turned lawyer turned counselor. She does blog posts on her website and her blog posts. She often posts an article that is relevant to mental health in the workplace, specifically for lawyers.
  • The power of social media.41:36
    • Laura is the pink spoon. She writes beautiful articles about how to do legal writing right, how to deal with a situation where you don’t have precedent that is on point.
    • Sara Forte is a local lawyer who has a workplace law firm in surrey bc. She posts regularly.
    • Beth Melford is not your average lawyer. She has a website with profiles of lawyers across Canada who are doing things differently. She posts posts about her own experience, her journey in law, and updates about the legal market.
    • Gina Alexandra is a coach who has a long history with educating lawyers.
    • The more you curate the connections that you have, the more interesting your LinkedIn feed becomes and the more you want to go and see what everyone’s up to and what they’re sharing.
    • Paula has a group programme that she has started running and will be opening up another round in January.
  • Linkedin Mastermind again.49:09
    • Louise is kicking off her LinkedIn mastermind again because she missed it so much. She loves hosting a group of inspiring people.
    • If you are interested in joining a LinkedIn mastermind.