Podcast Ep. 202 – Six Simple Guidelines for using LinkedIn in your Business

Wouldn’t it be nice to have simple guidelines on how to use LinkedIn for business? Here are six simple guidelines to help. Three to-do’s and three ‘don’t do this’ tips.

Here are some actionable tips to help keep you on track.

Three things to NOT do on LinkedIn:

1 – Stop connecting with people without sending them a message to say WHY you want to be connected. You are missing an opportunity to start a conversation with your new connection. You are more likely to have your invite accepted if the person knows why you want to connect. Give yourself a better chance of success with a simple message.

This blog will help with sample messages

2. Do not scrape someone’s email from LinkedIn to add to your own email marketing. Aside from breaking GDPR regulations, adding someone to your email list without their permission will affect your email open rates! If someone wants to hear from you in their inbox, give them the grace of deciding that for themselves.

3. Do not neglect your personal profile. Take a moment today and check does your headline reflect what you do? If you read through your About Summary, would it lead someone to wanting to connect with you and find out about your services?

How to get a LinkedIn Profile you can be proud of

Three things you can start doing to help you win business on LinkedIn

1 – Post once a week. That’s all.

For help and advice on what to post – think about starting a conversation with your network about the things you do in your business.

Maybe you are an email marketing expert – write a post about how many emails to send in a month.

Legal consultant? Write about current events in your industry.

2. – Connect with two to three new people a day. I would love you to build a genuine network of people you want to connect with. Starting with this number means you can have meaningful conversations with them. Aim to do this for four weeks and see what impact it makes.

3. Learn one thing each week about how to use LinkedIn.

Tune into this or other podcasts. Check out our YouTube Channel. Keep yourself up to date.

These are six simple guidelines for using LinkedIn in your business.

If all of this seems a little overwhelming, then get in touch. We can manage and write all your LinkedIn content FOR YOU.