Podcast Ep 198: Updates with LinkedIn Newsletters

LinkedIn Newsletters have been available for a few months now. I have been publishing one a month on my personal profile and want to share some information to let you decide if you want to create one for yourself.

The good news is you can start a newsletter and you get to decide how often you want to post it. To create a newsletter, have a watch of the video below.

The exciting news is that LinkedIn are starting newsletters for company pages.

They are currently in beta for a very small handful of users.

This is very exciting because I want to talk to you about the impact that the newsletter has had for me on my personal profile and the number of people I’ve been able to reach with it. So if you have not yet started your LinkedIn newsletter, then quick recap on how to do it.

Start with LinkedIn Creator

If you haven’t already switched on Creator mode that’s the first thing you need to do.

Need to know how? No problem. I have a podcast, a video, and a blog post all about how to do that and turn on LinkedIn creator mood.

In order to turn on LinkedIn creator mode, and create newsletters, you have to have turned on your personal profile. You also need to:

  • be sharing content on LinkedIn,
  • and have over 150 connections on your LinkedIn network

While newsletters look like LinkedIn articles, they are getting so much more visibility than LinkedIn articles.

To follow someone’s newsletter on LinkedIn, go to their profile, it says all activity, articles, posts, and documents. That’s how you filter what people’s activity is on LinkedIn. When you click on Articles, the last thing you’ll see is my newsletter.

Here are a few stats on my LinkedIn newsletter:

It says article, but in reality it’s the newsletter, and I’ve decided I’m publishing it in the first week of each month.

Fast forward a few months to December 2021 and January 2022 to see a spike in impressions:

See how the views are going up? Looking at my most recent newsletter of January 2022:

A jump from 60 to 1,834. That’s a 2,956% increase in views.

That massive percentage jump is why I think you need to really seriously think about newsletters on your LinkedIn profile.

And if that’s what’s happening on the personal profile, what’s it going to be like on our company pages? So my recommendation to you is to get it. Let’s get you ahead of the game. If you have not got a LinkedIn company page, yet, that is your first step. Go and create your LinkedIn company page.

But, I have no time!

No time? No problem. We do company page creation and training for you. If that’s something you want, just to tick off your plate as a one-time thing, we do that as well. Get your company page up and start posting something on it that relates to what you do, obviously in your business.

Contact us today to find out more: team@socialbeeni.com